Jailbreaked Touch Safe for WiFi?

May 9, 2009
Is it safe for you to enter a wifi network with a jailbreaked ipod touch? In other words, do the jailbreak software creators have any access whatsoever to my touch. Or could they steal info from my touch through my secured wifi network?


Mar 31, 2008
Eh...just out of curiosity, what info would they steal from your touch anyway?
May 9, 2009
sorry I mislead you ... my dad is worried that the creators of the jailbreak software could use my ipod to take things through wifi from my main computer
May 9, 2009
just tryin to get my internet capability back from him haha.... if you know what i mean
Jul 19, 2008
London or Miami
Your dad needs to read up on things, and throw the negative stereotype and connotations associated with the words "hack" "hackers" "hacks" "reversing Engineer". Not every single hacker on this planet wants to steal information, or inject malicious code/programs to your systems.

There are 3 types of hackers.
Ones who hack for bad.
Ones who hack because they want more from something.
Ones who hack to reverse engineer things. (exploiters)

The jailbreak and all programs associated with it from Quickpwn.com or iClarified.com or Winpwn.com or Devblog is 100% safe, nothing injected into your computer, no trojans, viruses, or keyloggers to steal any information you may think is valuable. The Dev team are hackers who reverse engineer Apple products (among others) and they hack because they have learned that the iPod touch/iPhone is more capable at doing more than what Apple lets on (exploiting).

As far as taking things through wifi from your computer, if a hacker is smart enough he wouldn't need to go through the iPod touch to get in. He'd just go right through the wireless router and its encryptions. But as ive stated, if he is a smart hacker he probably would rather hack a corporation rather than just one meaningless household. Example, would u rather steal from the guy in line behind you or steal from the cash register of the store you are in.