jailbreakme.com not working in1.1.2


Oct 18, 2007
Well, looks like tomorrow has come sooner than we thought. In tune with the European time difference, Apple has released firmware version 1.1.2 for the iPhone. While not showing up as an update in iTunes just yet, you can download the 160MB file here and do a manual update via iTunes’ firmware updater. Just ctrl or option click on the restore button then direct it towards the zip file and iTunes will do the rest.
Like reported earlier, the update kills off the handy .TIFF exploit in Safari that had given users root access to the device. Engadget is also reporting that as a result of this, JailbreakMe.com no longer works (duh).
The rest of the updates are somewhat insignificant feature-wise, besides the additional langauges and an update to the modem’s firmware leaving it at 04.02.13_G.
If you’re not keen on doing the manual install, the option to update should automatically appear in iTunes tomorrow the next time you plug your phone in.
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