Jailbroke iPod Best Buy insurance?

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by Gummi28, Nov 9, 2011.

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    my 4th gen ipod has a tethered jailbreak and it shut down accidentally... So the problem is while i tried to reboot it, my home button got stuck in while trying to go dfu mode or w/e it called so its not working -__-.ive tried everything to unstuck it but i think ive only made it worse. Since i have Best buy insurance, will they fix it if i dropped it in water?Would they know i jailbroke it?Or is there a way to restore my ipod without the home button functioning? im sorry if im posting this in the wrong place, im new here
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    You can restore your iPod without using the home button as you just need iTunes open and your iPod plugged in, turned on. Just press restore in iTunes. The JB data isn't saved, thereforee a full restore will do the magic.

    They wouldn't know that you had it JailBroken. Not sure how you got the home button stuck. Doesn't make any sense if all you were doing was trying to put it in DFU mode. As far as them fixing it if you say you dropped it in water, that's up to them and their rules for their Insurance Policy.
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    I was also wondering how the home button got stuck too. Did you have crazy glue or peanut butter on your fingers? lol Just kidding.

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