Jailbroken but need to send back to Apple for Dead Battery

Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by Proplayer44, May 4, 2012.

  1. Proplayer44

    Proplayer44 Member

    So my son's Ipod battery is dead. I have called Apple and it's covered but I need to ship it to them, (no store close by).

    The only time the Ipod turns on is when its plugged into the wall. It will not turn on while plugged into the computer. I want to restore it so it removes the jailbreak but can't because it won't work connected to the PC. It is already at 5.1 so I can't do an over the cloud update since it's already updated. Any idea how to resolve? Is there a combined push of buttons that resets the ipod back to factory? I could do this while its plugged into the wall.
  2. theorioles33

    theorioles33 Evangelist

    Are you getting it fixed under warranty or are you paying? If you are paying, I wouldnt bother to restore it.
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  4. Proplayer44

    Proplayer44 Member

    It's under warranty.
  5. theorioles33

    theorioles33 Evangelist

    Honestly, I dont think I would worry about it. They wont know its jailbroken until they fix it and even then they might not notice.

    I know, I'm not very helpful. :)
  6. fijiman

    fijiman Contributor

    You can leave the iPod in the wall charger and put it into DFU mode thus forcing a restore....Not sure if it will work OTA....on the other hand your computer may "see" the iPod(when connected with USB cable) when in DFU mode...
  7. MoneyMaker79

    MoneyMaker79 Evangelist

    You should always do everything possible to get it un jailbroken. If they notice it being jailbroken, they have the power to send it back and not repair it. Or you may not even get it back depending on their rules. Usually they just don't repair/fix it.
  8. Phil DeLong

    Phil DeLong Member

    It's Apple, they'll notice lol.
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  9. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    If it's a legitimate warranty-covered hardware problem, they usually fix it regardless if it's jailbroken.
  10. MoneyMaker79

    MoneyMaker79 Evangelist

    It's really hard to say whether or not they will fix it. Technically, from my experience of knowing Apple, the warranty is only valid if nothing has been done to the iPhone itself such as 3rd party / Jailbroken / tampered with. The easiest and safest thing to do is just restore it and re Jailbreak it when you receive it back.
  11. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    I agree with always restoring a jailbroken phone prior to taking it in. However, I've heard plenty of times from people who took them jailbroken and still got them replaced (since the hardware problem had nothing to do with the jailbreak). Many of them were unable to successfully restore it prior to the appointment. The OP was experiencing problems restoring so I just wanted to point out that it likely won't stop them from fixing/replacing it.
  12. MoneyMaker79

    MoneyMaker79 Evangelist

    My bad for saying iPhone. They are experiencing issues with their iPod. Have they tried another iTunes and restoring?

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