Jailbroken iPhone 4 was hacked & i can't restore to factory settings


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Mar 25, 2013
I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 i had jailbroken about 2 weeks ago from someone off craigslist, i have no idea how to do it myself. About a week ago the phone started freezing and now, it freezes when im on a call, it wont hang up, I can hear beeps and breathing in the phone while i'm on a call, I was on hold with my TV cable company a couple days ago and all of a sudde i'm hearing a hold message for SPRINT (I HAVE T-MOBILE)! So then both hold messages for both companies were playing at the same time so i couldn't understand what they were telling me to do - so i was somehow on two lines at once and I didn't even call Sprint!

My ex knows EVERYTHING about my life and what i'm doing and where I am at all times & and I never tell him! I was at his house staying the night about 9 days ago & when i woke up in the morning he was awake and grumpy & since he used to always snoop through my phone, i assumed he got into it again but i installed icaughtyou and it didn't store anything and i always keep a passcode on it. could he maybe get past that to get into my phone?

btw, he knows NOTHING about computers or phones whatsoever. He's more old school than i am. this is freaking me out!...SO, i know that my phone has some sort of hacking type stuff going on with it and i want it off immediately. I went to RESTORE from the settings on the phone but the first two options are completely greyed out and i cant even try to do anything.

I plugged in to my iTunes, held the pwer and home button, watched it do it's thing...my iTunes tells me it detects phone needed restore blah blah blah and when the phone turns back on, it's exactly as it was before i did the restore. same texts, same pix, cydia is still there. What am i doing wrong? Remember, I don't know JACK about jailbreaking or anyhthing so i don't have anything special on my computer except iexplorer which i just installed. HELP ME! i'm scared to use my phone now thinking my ex is watching everything i'm doing.
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Dec 12, 2008
It didn't successfuly restore it. Select "set up as a new phone" when it you restore it (don't use a backup). Did you receive any errors in iTunes? Try restoring it again and post the error codes here if you receive any.