Just a minor thing...


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Sep 22, 2007
Ok guys/girls I got a few minor questions to ask. I tried to search the forums first but had trouble finding any answers. I just jailbroke my phone a few days back and now have the installer on it. Well my questions are when i go to add another source nothing new ever shows up in my installer folder list. Also i see many of you talking about adding files to folders and such. Is there a program I need to download so I can be able to browse my iPhone like that? Also what are the must get apps one needs to get once they first jailbreak?


Feb 11, 2008
well there are several diff ways to get into the phone manually like ssh for wxzample but I never go that rout so I'm no help there. But when it comes to apps in general that u want to know about ive tried tons of diff ones. It all depends on if your looking for the best games or just plain fun or phone customization.
when your adding sources to installer make sure u have the exzact address or it will act like it installed but didn't.


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Mar 17, 2008
Chicago, IL
To answer door's question. When we are all referring to adding files and folders we are talking most likely of multiple programs. The most common for windows is WinScp. Im not quite sure the one for OS X. Then you set the options as follows... Host Name: The ip address your ipod is connected too. (Under network settings you can see your ip address) Username: root and Password: Alpine. Once all is connected you can view all the diretories were are all talking about.