Just jailbroke my phone..quick question


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Jul 19, 2009
Just jail broke my phone earlier today and having a lot of fun with it - But I have a question for you guys.

No matter what theme I download, it will never change the "messages" icon on my phone and won't let me change the SMS background. I used redsn0w to jailbreak my 3GS and I'm wondering if not all of the features are working because I had to use the 3.0 firmware (w/ redsn0w) even though my phone is currently on 3.01.

Anyone know what I'm talking about here? It might just be because I'm dumb, I really don't know. Any help is appreciated. Thanksss.

Edit: Now I just realized my SMS icon says "messages" instead of text. Was this a 3.0.1 update? Maybe the themes I've downloaded weren't made for "messages" but the original "text" icon the iPhone use to use. Idk, I'm confusing myself here.
Jul 6, 2007
Marietta, GA
The SMS app became the Messages app once 3.0 came out, not 3.0.1. For some reason, developers of themes haven't gotten around to renaming (or adding) the SMS icon. The only theme I have seen that works with the messages is Illumine. Have yet to see any themes be able to change the Messages background though. There are a few that can change the chat bubbles (including illumine)


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Dec 12, 2008
You need to SSH into the phone and change the name of the messages icon. It was named Text on the 2x FW, now it's Messages. Most of these themes were made prior to the release of 3.0 when the name changed. Remember that it's case sensitive. Change it from Text.png to Messages.png. While you're at it, you'll probably find that there are others that you can fix as well. You can use OpenSSH wirelessly or connect the phone to the computer and use iPhoneBrowser for PC or Diskaid for Mac. Diskaid isn't free anymore but the others are. Once connected, go to Library > Themes > Your theme > and find the icon folder.