Just Ordered a New Case

Sep 29, 2007
Just ordered a new case for my iPhone as I sold one to a kid on the streets for $40 and I bought it for $5 so it was a good deal for me. But the case I had was for my previous phone the Samsung Blackjack so I looked for something that fit the iPhone better.

This one was very nice as I was able to just pull it out of my pocket and answer a call. It does not get in the way of anything and with this+my invisible sheild I should be set! No damage to my iPhone for me:p

It comes with a belt clip for those times where you cant hold on to your phone or you don't have any pockets which was something I use.

I will post pictures when I receive it this week and I will post a review most likly. It comes back with a 30 day money back guarantee so I am not too worrried.

If you are interested



New Member
Oct 11, 2007
The cover only has a thin slit for the earpiece. This is a problem, as the leather covers the proximity sensor and the light monitor.

I mistakenly bought a case that does this too.

1. You will have to set brightness manually. This means manually adjusting for low light.

2. The covered proximity sensor means that once you have ended a call, and pulled the phone away from your cheek, the screen will be dark and you will be unable to use the iPhone until you do a lock-unlock cycle.

Minor inconveniences that will get old, real fast. You'll eoither toos the case for something else, or punch holes/slot above the earslot.