KAVAJ iPad Air Case Berlin (leather folio)

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    After using my iPad Smart case for about a week, I'm not very happy with it.

    The Good:
    • Very lightweight and thin
    • Feels nice

    The Bad:
    • $80
    • The brown leather version I got doesn't look as nice as I thought it would. Most of the time it just looks like flat orange.
    • The side of the cover near the hinge does not sit flush with the top.
    • When folded back in stand mode, the wedge flops around in undoes itself too easily.

    Honestly, it's the price that's the big issue. For that price, the case should be perfect. Period. As it is, I would settle for the problems if it were $40 or maybe $50. So tonight I did what I should have done in the first place and looked for a case like my favorite iPad case I've found yet - Apple's original iPad case. Which lead me to the KAVAJ Berlin.

    q7LHllG.png bsG7NDw.png

    The leather looks super nice, and it has the clip on the back for the stand/cover, which I like much better than the "smart" cases and covers. The downsides are that it looks a bit bulkier, and apparently some reviewers are saying the fitment isn't very good. But... it's only $50. So I'm giving it a shot.
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    Got it today, and am really happy with it. It isn't perfect, but I do like it better than the smart case. $30 cheaper too.

    • Leather has nice appearance, texture, and scent
    • magnet to sleep/wake works great
    • relatively lightweight, especially considering it's leather. Not noticeably heavier than my smart case.
    • Typing mode works great. Cover stays tucked into the back flap very well, and the angle is perfect.

    • cutouts on the back are slightly off-center, but don't actually overlap what's underneath. work fine, but could be better.
    • I can't get the vertical stand mode to work either. Apparently they have a video explaining how to make it work, but I don't really care enough to bother.
    • the bezel flaps on the thin sides go right up to the edge of the screen. While they do not cover the screen, they do make swipe gestures more difficult - swipe forward/back, notification center, etc. it can be done, you just have to be careful.
    • similarly, the flap on the bottom side goes right up to the edge of the home button. It doesn't really cover it, but can make it slightly more difficult to push.
    • the case is a bit thick. Not that bad really, but not as thin as the smart case.
    • the leather on the back of the case is not stretched flush over the ipad. There are some slight wrinkles.

    Overall, I'm very happy. None of the cons are a very big deal to me, so I'd give it an 8.5/10 rating. I will post pics shortly.


    here's an album of pics. I didn't feel like copy/pasting every image link here, sorry.


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