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Feb 20, 2009
My girls are just turned 11 and almost 7 years old. Last summer, we got the older one a Nexus tablet after she brought home all As on her report card. Most of her friends had been getting various Android tabs and we thought it a good time to get her started. She took to it right away. She is very responsible and didn't go overboard like I see some kids do. After Christmas, she told me she wanted to move up to an iPad. We discussed it and agreed that she has shown she can take care of electronics and if she saved enough for half, we would cover the rest for her birthday. She did pretty good, but came up about $20 short. Of course, Daddy covered that and I picked up a non-retina Mini today. I love watching my girls eyes light up. Even after I told her she has to clean up the dog poop in the back yard to cover her shortfall.

My six year old has been using an age sufficient HP Slate 7. She was just as excited that she gets to have her big sisters Nexus tablet now. She will probably be a while until I trust that she can take care of an iPad, though.

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Feb 14, 2014
Hope they enjoy them
Make sure they have cases on them
I am in the market to get a ipad many hopefully this year if I can save the money

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Nov 20, 2012
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At the age your youngest daughter is, I'm sure she will quickly learn how delicate a tablet can be and with a little cautious coaching will treat it accordingly, especially if some of that coaching comes from her older sister. Sounds like you have the right idea of letting them put a little Sweat Equity into earning the device in order to hopefully respect it more. My 4 year old grandson has my old iPhone 4 (minus a SIM card), in an Otterbox defender, and is quite proficient at playing music, games etc. He has even Face Timed me a few times with Mom's help. It took a few weeks with some scolding and taking it away for a day or two to convince him not to drop it or toss it when he was finished playing with it and he now seems to play nice with it if he wants to keep using it. His two year old brother is now starting to get curious about it but will throw it on the floor unexpectedly if he becomes frustrated with it (thank God for the Otterbox). It's surprising how hard a two year old can throw something.


Feb 3, 2013
There are a lot of cute jelly cases for the kids :) It's like a brief case silicone style.