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Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by goranwk, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. goranwk

    goranwk New Member

    After a few days I have 20+ apps running. Most "eat" memory. Is there a way to "kill" them all at once? Now, I have to end them one by one to free up memory.
  2. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    If your jailbroken try Sbsettings. There is a kill all toggle.

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  4. Ltzguy

    Ltzguy Zealot

    What is it called? Do you have to download it separately? I can't find it in my Sbsettings
  5. offroadhunter

    offroadhunter Member

    I don't have that toggle in my settings.. was looking through the addons sbsettings folder and don't see it there.. anyone know the exact name of the toggle? a one touch kill all would be sweet.
  6. jpeyatt

    jpeyatt Member

    ^^^^ agreed, what is this add on called??
  7. glttrgrl

    glttrgrl New Member

    It's called Remove BG. And is one of the main reasons I could never go back to a non-JB device. :)

    It will kill everything, but you can also whitelist applications. I have it set to not kill certain streaming radio and navigation apps, for example.
  8. glttrgrl

    glttrgrl New Member

    Sorry, I can't figure out how to edit a post in the app.

    You need to download Remove BG as a Tweak, and then download the separate Remove BG SBSettings Toggle.

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    EDIT: Using FullForce which does work ok for this app in landscape mode, but puts the edit button waaaay over on the rh side of the screen. Just found it. :)
  9. Thomasjojo

    Thomasjojo New Member

    Double click the home button and a section appears. Hold the app til itstarts shake and the remove it icon appears. U kill the app by select that red minus. ( similar to uninstall)
  10. Ltzguy

    Ltzguy Zealot

    Got it, thanks. Had it once before and when I updated to 4.1 I put it back on and it wasn't compatible at that time. Since then I forgot the name, thank!
  11. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Glttrgrl: thanks for answering. I should have posted the real name in my post but was in a hurry this morning. Thanks again :)

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  12. offroadhunter

    offroadhunter Member

    Exactly what I was looking for, works like a charm thx!
  13. glttrgrl

    glttrgrl New Member

    Glad you all found (or re-found) it! And I agree, the brief period of incompatibility with 4.1 was painful indeed. I almost went nuts having to kill apps one by one again.

    RoofMonkey: no problem! I'm in Minneapolis, and thanks to our Metrodome-roof-collapsing snowpacalypse, I'm completely snowed in and can't go anywhere until I'm plowed out, and there's no point in shoveling out til after we're plowed out. In other words, I'm in the forced opposite of a hurry today. Our whole city is, lol. :)
  14. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Sorry to hear that you are snowed in and the mess it's made. I have seen it on the news here in Florida... Where it is not snowing :)
    Just saying... Hahhaa

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  15. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    If you download the toggle, Cydia will automatically download SBSettings and Remove BG. Saurik made life for us, quite easy ;)
  16. glttrgrl

    glttrgrl New Member

    Oh, that's awesome. Thank you! Do all toggles work that way? And while we're on the subject, is there a really good source(s) that's kind of an Idiot's Guide to Cydia?

    Ever since I DL something from Cydia that put me in a bootloop that forced me to restore - 7 times - because my computer kept kicking out an error at the very end of the process the first 6 times, I've been so scared every time I DL something new or upgrade. Not bc I don't want to have to restore, but it's my only phone and I had to stay up all night on a work night to get my phone back bc each failed restore took 30+ minutes before the error popped up. I used to try things first on my old 3G but I gave it to my brother, so I've lost my "tester." :)

    So I try to search for reviews or blogs, forums, etc about potential snafus and conflicts first, and that's why I was wary of ever DLing a toggle before the accompanying tweak. Forums are great but although I try to search them I'm always leery of asking what might be dumb or annoying questions. I understand there's always risk involved with jailbreaking, I'm just looking for the best resources to minimize the risk of a conflict that leads to the dreaded bootloop, while trying to maximize the awesomeness of my JB iphone. :)
  17. Watcher

    Watcher Zealot

    In conjunction with SBSetting's "Remove BG" I also like utilizing SwitherPlus's "Kill Prior" which places a red arrow on the bottom of the icons, once they are held to wiggle, and will kill the app you click on plus all apps to the right of it in the bottom of the multitask manager window.

    SwitcherPlus's primary function, however, is the ability to multitask from the lockscreen which is a brilliant feature for those of us who don't want to slide to unlock to get to our favorite apps but merely triple tap the Home button to get access to your multitasking apps.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. ThnkDifferent

    ThnkDifferent New Member

    Apple really needs to add a "kill all" button. Super annoying for non JB devices.

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  19. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    The iPhone 4 has really good memory management built in. If you leave it, it will look after itself. When I had a stock iPhone 4, I was forever clearing my multitasking bar, I didn't even have to. The applications don't actually run in the background, they stay within a saved state therefore using hardly any memory.
  20. Tinman

    Tinman Evangelist

    I also like SwitcherPlus. And Kill Prior function can have white-listed apps too. Conversely you can add favorites that always show in app switcher. Very handy.

  21. goranwk

    goranwk New Member

    Thanks but my iPhone 4 is NOT jailbroken. Does that mean it can't be done?

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