Laptop Accessory for iPhone - Possible?

Jan 4, 2008
I know there is nothing like this out there but I was wondering if it was possible for the iPhone to act as the guts of small laptop. For example, take one of those iPod video accessories (such as this one, outfit it with a small keyboard and a touchscreen and use it as a small laptop.

Is this even possible or are their limitations built into the iPhone that will not allow this? Obviously this is not something that any of us can make, but I vaguely remember seeing a patent application similar to this on a tech blog that I frequent. However, I cannot remember which company submitted the patent.


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
This would come pretty close if the iPhone could do bluetooth keyboards & mice: + any old bluetooth mouse (wireless Mighty Mouse for consistency's sake?)

I would have said Apple bluetooth keyboard too, but it doesn't have the nifty stand that the iGo stowaway does. Main problem with it is the unnecessarily eliminated top row of keys. An extra row wouldn't have hurt its portability one bit, and would have made it a ton easier for number input.