Latest iTunes


Jun 30, 2007
Since updating to the latest iTunes.., I am constantly dropping Home Sharing. My Apple TV will be in the middle of a Movie or TV show streaming from my PC with iTunes on it. Suddenly the screen will go black and say Please Turn on Home Sharing. I can check iTunes and home sharing is on.... To get my Apple TV to run again. I have to restart it.

Has anyone else seen this issue. It's becoming a pain and I did find a tech issue on Apples Forums. Some people have had success setting up their Home Network and putting the iTunes Machine and Apple TV on a Static IP. I may do that this weekend. But it doesn't appear to be network issue. The way it behaves, almost makes me think, that iTunes does a Auth Check with Apple ever so often to make sure you authorized for a program. I think if it can't hit Apple, it drops the home sharing thinking you may not be authorized for that program.

Anyway.., the issue is driving me crazy. If anyone else knows of a work around or something I can try. I'd be happy to take your advice.