Launch Day (iDayV2?)


Jun 13, 2008
I have been able to find tons of information regarding the iPhone 3G on my own and through this community, but the one thing I'm still unsure about is how things will work on July 11th.

I went to my nearest Apple store yesterday to talk things over with some of the employees in the store. They didn't seem to know a whole lot just yet, but they figured things would be very similar to the way it was a year ago.

One of the more important aspects of this is what time of day the Apple stores will have the iPhone 3G available. The employees mentioned something about how last year they closed the store at 2 PM and reopened at 6 PM to begin selling the iPhone. Are they seriously going to do this again this year? I find it kind of ridiculous that "Available July 11th" means "Available after normal businesss hours on July 11th." Plus, I'm considering taking the day off to "camp out" (get there very early), but there's a huge difference between getting there at 4 or 5 AM and waiting until the store opens and getting there at 4 or 5 AM and waiting until 6 PM.

Does anybody know for sure if this is what they're going to do this year? Other thoughts and comments are appreciated, as well.