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Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by mrbunglez, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. mrbunglez

    mrbunglez Contributor

    Check this case out they say it's waterproof. I pre ordered it, they say it comes out April 2011. Looks better than the otterbox and slimmer even though I still love my commuter this case might be the end all and do all for me. Here's a link:
  2. enjoylife1788

    enjoylife1788 Member

    Even I happened to see the videos of the case on YouTube.. Was more than impressed with the sleekness and ruggedness of the cover. But would like to wait for a few user reviews before buying.. So I will wait till it come out.. Nevertheless looks quite promising from the videos..

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  4. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    I preordered one yesterday myself. I'm not sure I'll be throwing it in the water though!
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  5. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Awww c'mon buddy, how else you gonna be able to give us an accurate review?

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  6. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    After that review, his words will be "Just coughed up a great amount of money for a new iPhone."

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  7. Sharunda

    Sharunda Genius

    WOW! This case is amazing. If it works as good as it says it does and it has a holster for the belt loop, my hubby would definitely want one of those.

    When it's bad weather here he will not text or call when he's out of doors, and I don't blame him. I don't either, but with this case at least he could do stuff outside.

    I'm interested in real world reviews too.

    Nice Find Mrbunglez!
  8. mitchellm4

    mitchellm4 Member

    Just preordered mine! I'm in the military so seeing a mil-spec case is awesome!
  9. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    I pre-ordered the other day as well. So has Fury and LappyGirl. I think this case is going to re-define protection for the iPhone.
    And for the nay-sayers, go to the website and watch the vids and make your own decision.
  10. Flyfunner5

    Flyfunner5 Member

    I wish there was a version that was thinner (I wouldn't mind if that for this version they didn't have the 'shock proof')
  11. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    I think that part of the thickness is due to being waterproof. If you go to their site and watch the vids in the media section, you can see someone put it together. In all honesty, for being just waterproof, the case is amazingly thin.
  12. Ltzguy

    Ltzguy Zealot

    I preordered mine yesterday. I'll be doing a review on it when I get it. I'm always worried about dropping mine in water.
  13. Cjvdh

    Cjvdh Zealot

    Dude after watching that video of the dude riding waves with his phone on the beach and throwing it in the mucky sand and then just rinsing it off. I think you will be good.
  14. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    I hope it doesn't take long....

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  15. medenblik

    medenblik Contributor

    can't wait for someone here to get one and do the review..........I am definitely interested
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  16. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    From your mouth, to God's ears!!!! Hope I get one soon too.
  17. I wonder if this is going to eventually turn into another "OMG - This Case Sucks" thread. :sneaky:

    I wonder what the fatal flaw of this case will be.
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  18. canamera

    canamera Zealot

    It might just be... But attleast it's not going to cost me $150 like the Element.

    I'm wondering how many people are going to turn around and sue them if they actually do get any water damage with it on.

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  19. Ltzguy

    Ltzguy Zealot

    yes but you never know what's real out there. I think the review would be more trusted from one of us members that have been here for a while versus someone trying to market their own case....don't you agree? I won't gave a biased opinion. If it does what they say it does, then I'll let you guys know. I think honestly if it's just like they portray, it's well worth $70 to me.
  20. Amazing case, i was going to preorder but i think ill wait for iphone 5 to come out, and see if the company releases a waterproof case for that.
  21. mrbunglez

    mrbunglez Contributor

    FWIW this case was demoed at the Launch startup conference and the creater of the case borrowed a phone from someone on the judging panel and threw it in a fishtank.
    The creater either has gigantor balls for doing that or the case really is what I'm hoping it will be, truly waterproof and shockproof.

    It also won Best product at the show.
    Some good info here, go to the YouTube video the demo starts @ 1:40.

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