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Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by scott burgess, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. scott burgess

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    I apoligise for the length of this but I have never run into a company this blatantly corrupt. I have never written anything this critical but it is the kind of thing I would like to have seen before I bought stock in Enron. Hard to believe, I was skeptical when this company was identified as a sham on forums, but they seem intent on defer ,deny and decieve. Lifeproof is as of today still not refunding or replacing known defects to some customers including ones within warranty time frame and is deceptive enough to say they will replace and then fail to do so.They have had every chance to become transparent about problems and fix them and continue to act in the same irresponsible manner.
    If this had been a medical or life critical device there would be bodies everywhere.
    Here is taste of their feedback:
    This seemed to be a cool product with a fixable flaw [distorted or absent microphone reception} that a bad company messed up with deception and fumbling.
    1 Lifeproof denied warranty lying about purchase in waranty period. It was referred to them well within their 90 day period.
    2 Lifeproof failed to replace or reemburse for a well know defect and instead told warrantable customers to purchase a full price new one.
    3 Lifeproof, when exposed for their misconduct, promised to replace defective items, another promise they have failed to act on.

    In early October 2011, I purchased an iPhone 4S and I take my previous iPhone to have the screen repaired in order to give it to my niece. The technician recommended a LifeProof case at Best Buy and he said that probably would have that would have prevented the glass screen on my old iPhone from breaking. While he is making the repair to my old iPhone, I go to Best Buy and purchase the LifeProof case for my new 4S.

    All is well with the new iPhone and LifeProof case. I notice it takes a little more pressure to make the apps work through the LifeProof screen but no big deal, I quickly adapt.

    A couple of weeks later, my wife and I take a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth airport to Savanna, Georgia and we return home a week later. I didn't use my iPhone 4S for making calls while we were gone, except to use the mapping apps while in Savanna.

    It's now the first week of November, and as I use my iPhone 4S for making calls after the adventure in Savannah, the audio is muffled. People I call are complaining that they are hearing their own voice being echoed when they talk back to me. Some of the calls I place to people, my own audio is so distorted that people can't understand me. I suspect a problem with my new iPhone and I Google "iPhone 4S distorted audio", iPhone 4s audio echo" and I find numerous sites where people are complaining about their new iPhone 4S having audio clarity problems as I have experienced. I call Apple and they arrange to have my iPhone 4S sent back for warranty repair. A few days later, the replacement iPhone 4S arrives, it checks out fine and I place it back in the LifeProof case. All is well for a number of days, the iPhone works fine. I make a quick trip to Colorado, return home and the next day, I call a business in a nearby town. The person says repeatedly "hello, HELLO" and then hangs up on me... I call my wife at work and while she recognizes my number on her iPhone, she can't understand me because my audio is so garbled.

    I call Apple and talk to them about the garbled audio and I advise them this replacement phone only holds a charge for ½ a day. Apple graciously sends me an overnight box to return my iPhone 4S. A few days later, the 3rd iPhone 4S arrives and the battery on this 3rd 4S runs nearly two days... I'm a happy camper with two days use on the 4S. I place the 3rd 4S back in the LifeProof case... everything works out fine. A week later, the dreaded audio feedback, garbled audio returns. I call Apple and ask them what my problem is. This time the Apple rep suggests the problem is with AT&T.

    I am so frustrated at this point; I purchase a TracFone and use it until I can make the 100-mile drive to the AT&T store and advise them Apple suggests the problem with my terrible audio is on their end. The store manager directs me to one of her reps (a savvy retired Air Force guy) and I explain my problem to him. He takes one quick look at my iPhone 4S and says, "Here's your problem. The LifeProof case!" He tells me to go outside and to call him on his phone. Sure enough, he can't even understand me. He motions for me to come back in and he removes the LifeProof case asking me to go back outside. I call him again and the audio on both sides is crystal clear. PROBLEM SOLVED...

    I go home, get online to LifeProof and advise their case had been causing severe audio feedback and echo problems (and I am not the only customer affected...) and I advise I have just changed my 5 star review I left on Amazon to a 1 star review. She advises that they are "no longer" marketing LifeProof cases through Amazon. Had you purchased your case at BestBuy, we could have replaced your case with a new one." She never offered me any explanation, did not offer to exchange my case and I was stuck with this defective product they flooded the market with.

    LifeProof (in their wisdom) gives this "corrective fix" to customers in regard to their inherent defective cases... "Blow hard into the microphone for about 3 to 4 seconds. The sufficient effort require(d) is akin to blowing a candle out. You could also pretend you were blowing up a balloon by sealing your lips over the hole and then blowing." Well, many people are tired of having to blow into their defective LifeProof cases several if not dozens of times per day (Google for yourself and especially on MacRumors)

    I bought a lifeproof phone case three weeks ago from Bestbuy The case is expensive for what is . The lifeproof headphone jack covers fell off after using them and screwing them back in...Bestbuy would not supply new ones or give me a new cover. Great customer service by Bestbuy....would never buy from them again. I needed to buy new phone jack covers from Lifeproof who charged me $15.00 for a .05 cent item plus over $9.00 in shipping....big ripoff. Stay away from Lifeproof!!!!! Furthermore, I did research and you can now get your phone waterproofed through liquipel for $59.00....seems like good new technology.

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    Wow sorry to see you had so many problems, for my iPhone I only trust 1 $40+ iPhone case and it starts with otter and ends with box.
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  4. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    I do not think LifeProof Ever had amazon as a retailer. Possible they did for the 1st Generation cases??

    Sorry to hear you had so many problems, but I'd T's an issue with BestBuy & the earphone bung ( yep, that's what it's called) Take the case back to best buy for a refund. Which part are you saying 'fell out' after using it? If it was the threaded screw for earphone port, could you have cross threaded it?
    I've had my LP for a number of months now and have not had any issues and being in the Fire service on an Engine, I'm rather rough on my case/phone. There were issues with the echo effect and if you purchase through a retailer, see the link at the top, LP will more than likely replace the case with a newer one.
  5. Mark Cole

    Mark Cole New Member

    I purchased a Lifeproof case as soon as I purchased my new iPhone. It worked great and then suddenly it didn't. While using the iPhone camera on a trip to St. Lucia it suddenly allowed water into the case. Trust me when I tell you that water from the beautiful Caribbean Ocean is NOT a beautiful thing for the iPhone.

    The case had been water tested prior to having the phone placed inside and had in fact performed wonderfully until that second that it failed. I had used it the day before to take video in the pool at our villa there.

    The access door was securely shut and all other points of entry were (I thought) intact. So, my investment in a Lifeproof case as "insurance" against water damage was misplaced since they're not even responding to my email. Fool me one, shame on you....there will be no fool me twice. I'm done with Lifeproof.

    My advice for anyone who actually believes that a Lifeproof case is the the ultimate protection (against water anyway)should cover their fanny by keeping the insurance offered by the carrier.
  6. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    @ Mark Cole, 3 threads on this issue ? Really???
    They will replace the case, but not your device. No company will do that.
    There had to have been some type opening, obviously, that wasn't checked.
    Any recent drops to the case / phone?
  7. fury

    fury Evangelist

    There are always the odd ones out as far as customer service & mass production goes. Stuff happens, and people make mistakes (like not finding warranty status at first). But for me, the case has been worth the money, has been absolutely solid, kept my iPhone safe in water many times, and LifeProof has stood by my purchase faithfully (even more than they should have).

    I preordered in May 2011, and received it July 2011. For people who complete the online "test" to verify they know how to test and install the case, LifeProof extends the warranty to a full year. I did this, and I was glad I did. A month or two ago, I noticed my headphone port and dock cover had been cracked. After a little bit of back and forth in which the customer service representative did not see my registration for the full year warranty, they finally found me in their records. They sent me a full case (front and back and headphone cover). Right after I got it, I noticed that my headphone adapter was starting to go out. Those are only warrantied for 90 days in any case, and I kind of figured that, but when I mentioned it to them, they sent me another one as a gesture of good will anyway.

    It worked. So long as they exist, I will never buy another iPhone case that is not LifeProof. I do strongly agree that the price for the headphone adapter/cover/dock extender stuff is very disappointing, but it's how business is run. Accessories have to make the business their money's worth, and that includes more than just the cost of the parts--R&D, support, manufacturing, marketing, etc.

    As a side note...Liquipel is not even in the same league. Liquipel is not a case and does not claim to make your phone waterproof, and in fact, has been proven to be not much different than dunking your naked iPhone in water.
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  8. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    The link you sent is over an hour 14 min long ;) for those who don't want to watch all of it, even though it's a great show. The liquipel portion starts at about 27 minutes into the video.
  9. mintz

    mintz New Member

    Wow, thanks for the advice. I won't be buying one.
  10. Ltzguy

    Ltzguy Zealot

    I don't buy this bs. I have had extremely good customer service with them. Whether it be via email or by phone. I've had about three or four replacements sent to me. They have continued to improve the case throughout the short time it's been out. The latest version I own is flawless. I have not one complaint. I'm on vacation at the beach this very moment and I have had it in the pool and in the ocean taking pics and vids numerous times. I'm typing on my phone right now so obviously it's protecting it.

    To the op: you either do not know how to get in touch with them or maybe you were ugly on the phone to them. They have been more than helpful everytime I've called upon them. They even sent me a FREE REPLACENT when mine fell out the back of my truck going over 30mph. I called to order a replacement and asked if I could possibly get a discount. She asked what happened. I told here and explained the case still worked but was banged all up. She said if I could provide pics, they would send me another one free. So I did and I had a new one within 3 days.
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  11. Ltzguy

    Ltzguy Zealot

    I also have their belt clip. I usually keep the phone screen in towards the clip. Well it was scratching up my screen. You could clearly see the outline of the belt clip on the lifeproof case screen. I called them and told them. They sent me another case front in about 2-3 days. I threw away my receipt from best buy on the belt clip. So they said if I send it in, they will send another one. So I did and received another within a couple weeks. All you have to do is call. They have super friendly customer service. I have such a strong following to them, when the iPhone 5 comes out, I'd usually get it launch day....but if the lifeproof isn't ready.....I won't get the phone until the case is available. Period.
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  12. Apple iAddicted

    Apple iAddicted Contributor

    Anyone notice he claimed in october 2011 he bought Lifeproof frim BestBuy but when he called he told them Amazon??????? I do pay attention when I read what's up u buy a second case and fail to mention it???? Your post is flawed!!

    Sent from my 32GB iPhone 4s on iOS 5.1!!!
    Only thing iPhone is missing is an expandable memory port! Come on Apple give us a microSD port already!!!
  13. Captain E

    Captain E New Member

    I'm glad that some of you have had good luck with the Lifeproof case. Once it fails and you have a brick instead of a phone then you will change your mind. Using this product to protect from water damage is like playing russian roulette by yourself, you will eventually lose. Utube lifeproof fail
  14. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Inherent risk with any electronic device and water.
  15. joeint

    joeint New Member

  16. Ohmster

    Ohmster Member

    I've had my LP for a couple of days now. Suddenly no one can hear me properly on the phone through the mic. I have to use the headset. I will take it out of the case and test it next couple of days. I have no comment about their customer service. I bought mine at Best Buy and am not worried in the least about returning it if needed.
  17. fury

    fury Evangelist

    I haven't had that problem with mine. You'll probably want to swap the case out for another one.

    re: videos

    I like how some of the videos I clicked through on that YouTube search for "lifeproof fail" were in fact Otterbox Defenders and not LifeProof cases. Then there was the guy that tossed his phone onto rock and wondered why his LifeProof case didn't magically sprout bubblewrap and stop the impending damage and potential destruction that he caused his phone.
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  18. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    I love hearing the stories, 'I own an Otterbox and you can throw it at walls and the phone still works! This is awesome! Come and buy me!!!'

    'Oh s%*$ I dropped my phone 3 feet and it's broken into a million pieces!'
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  19. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Amen. Gotta love those kind of stories. The way I treat my phone is as if there isn't a case on it. I will occasionally drop it in the sink, pitcher of water etc... Just for shock value though & I do wash it off on a regular basis.
  20. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    In my line of work I need protection. That includes the protection of an Otterbox and a Lifeproof. And at the moment, not a single iPhone in the world offers such protection. Lifeproof is great for water and Otterbox is pretty good at bumps and scrapes etc. I need both... the case hunt continues.
  21. fury

    fury Evangelist

    LifeProof with the LifeJacket. It is basically a giant foam rubber case that goes around the LifeProof case. It's about twice the size of the Otterbox Defender. If you can find me a 20 story building to throw it off of, I'll test it out for ya.

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