iPhone 5 Lightning Adapters from Pacific Rim?

Discussion in 'iPhone Cases and Accessories' started by jaw2k9, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. jaw2k9

    jaw2k9 Member

    I don't want to say Asia, too big, or The Orient, too biased/prejudiced, or just Hong Kong as I am sure they are coming for several places.

    Anyway, sorry for the aside, it appears that a few vendors on e-bay have them now (so they claim) with the stubby going for as low as about $15 and the cable, albeit an even shorter one! going for as low as $14 shipped - the cable is about 6" give or take.

    Now, I plan to get a speck flip case - black, as soon as Amazon stops charging too much for it (versus the white/lt grey/dark grey one - that they sell for $17, the black should not cost an additional $6.

    No, as a matter of fact I am not a tightwad, but I am principled, and frankly I am a bit annoyed at apple decision to gouge consumers on these 'must have' items (unless of course the iphone 5 is your first one - then you don't need the adapters).

    Anyway, has anyone here actually obtained and used any of the secondary market, cloned(?), bootlegged(?), whatever, adapters?

    I have 2 stereos at home that the phones used to plug into, and a few other items as well.

    Again, apologies for the asides, thanks for your input.

  2. theorioles33

    theorioles33 Evangelist

    I haven't yet. I'm waiting for someone else to be the guinea pig. :)

    I have purchased a few of the Apple ones. I really hate spending $30 on something that we will be able to get for a few dollars soon. Hopefully.
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  4. jaw2k9

    jaw2k9 Member

    Me too. I'd rather direct that money to a couple of Nats vs Os games next season. ;)
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  5. Timhea

    Timhea Member

    I've purchased various iPhone 5 lightning accessories on eBay (from Hong Kong apparently). The only item I've actually received so far is an iPhone 5 dock. I'm not using it, thinking about returning it. The lightning connected is a one-sided silicone wafer that fits so tightly into the iPhone that I fear it will damage the phone's connecter. It also requires a ridiculous amount of force to lift the phone out of the dock.
  6. jaw2k9

    jaw2k9 Member

    Thanks for the input, it's appreciated. I am leaning to trying one of the shorter cables and or one of the adapters (in both cases the 30 pin to lightning type).

    I wonder is it possible that part of the snugness you are experiencing is the dock opening itself or angle or insertion/removal versus the connector part?

    Not trying to make excuses - more wondering if what you experienced is going to be common amongst all the aftermarket/clone/copies. I (like I expect everyone) would hate to have to return things where the return shipping cost may be close to the overall cost of the item.

    Thanks again.
  7. Timhea

    Timhea Member

    The dock itself does not fit snugly at all around the phone (the dock base was probably originally made to fit another phone). The dock connecter is definately the sticking point. It is not well milled. It is rectangular, with sharp edges, as opposed to the rounded smooth edges of the OEM lightning connecters. The side of the silicone wafer that does not have the electrical contacts is rough, and the wafer itself may be thicker than the OEM connecter.
    I'm thinking now that the third party docks that utilize the OEM lightning cable may be the better alternatives. I have "The Lightning Dock" on order, but it's fairly pricey, have been waiting 2-3 three weeks already for it to ship and today received an email saying that due to "some extra delays" it still won't ship for another 7-10 business days.
  8. jaw2k9

    jaw2k9 Member

    Thanks again - for the added clarity - good luck with it, seems that this is not a glowing review - and I understand why.

    I'd be leery of it damaging the phone as well - given your noted concerns.

    Good luck.
  9. jaw2k9

    jaw2k9 Member

    Good or bad, my order of 2 8 to 30 adapter cables, in black are expected to arrive in my mailbox mid November.

    Price $27.50 for the pair. One for the car (the usb to lightning did not charge in the car (post Sandy, not good). So I am hoping this adapter will do the trick.

    I will report back, and if they do work as hoped, I'll be ordering 2 more.

    Just can't fathom the idea of throwing $40 EACH at Apple for adapters, there is something odd in it, a blatant money grab, from a company that really does not need to do a money grab.
  10. iPutz

    iPutz Contributor

    Like jaw2k9, I have any number of iPhone chargers and cords from other iPhones that I've had in the past and Apple has definitely shot themselves in MY foot with the unavailability of the lightening adapters and cords at the time of iPhone 5 launch. I know that a new connector type was inevitable and probably needed BUT, The 30 pin to lightening adapters and adapter cords should have been easily available at the time the phone was launched. And don't get me started on the cost of the darn things. $20 for a charging cord is a joke but $29 and $39 for the adapters, what a rip off! We travel unexpectedly, sometimes on a moment's notice and because of that, I keep a charging kit in each of my family's 4 vehicles, another charger and cord in our camper and another in my suitcase for when we travel. In all that's 6 cords that I would need to buy and I will need to do it all over again when my wife's iPhone 4 is upgraded to a 5. If I didn't like the iPhone so much I would have gone to an Android device or a Windows phone a long time ago. I feel violated by Apple's insensitivity for its consumers.
  11. jaw2k9

    jaw2k9 Member

    Well finally after ordering over a month ago, my 2 30 to 8 pin (or whatever they are) arrived.

    One does not work on/with anything. The other works to charge attached to an old style cable then the phone.

    Need to connect them to stero devices see if they work there. And as of this AM they don't work in any fashion attached to my car (where an OEM cable was used to attach the music tot the radio and charge.

    What a bummer.

    Such is life. Will get a Paypal complaint going later today - seller seems less than eager to return funds.

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