List of all apps that cause problems?


Nov 11, 2007
With the help of 420greg and chris716 I now have a jailbroken phone.

I am in the process of downloading apps as I write. I read through some of the posts here and have noticed some bad reviews of certain apps. I have also gone through some of the apps on Installer and am quite paranoid when I see that red window with the warning pop up.

I had a problem with the Voice Recorder, which COMPLETELY froze my phone--I mean every button. I had to hold the power button for almost a minute to get it to do anything. Luckily I got out of the mess and uninstalled.

Might I suggest a sticky containing all of the apps (in general circulation) that the communtiy has found to be "dangerous" or "complete garbage" (Chris716).

I will glad to be the first to contribute:
Voice Recorder.

If I have missed a previous post related to this matter, I apologise. I haven't gotten through every page quite yet.:mad: I saw my phone change to a brick in front of my eyes (temporarily, thank God, but I DID break a sweat) and I don't want to be paranoid about every app I download.

Thanks for your input.



Oct 5, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
I have used the Voice Recorder without any problems. I am sorry that you had problems. I had severe problems with the screenshot application, not the one built into the dock app. The program would cause the loading screen to flicker severely and then after a few uses it prevented anything from being launched. Other than that one program I have not had problems with any others. I have heard of complaints about customize but I do not use it very much so have not experienced it.
Nov 24, 2007
double check see if u installed it right, i had problems with books. but i'm pretty sure it was my screw up.. as far as iradio goes, it works great i love it its my fav app, to fix the volume from being so low, just hit the sleep button your volume goes back to normal..