List of fullscreen iPad apps?


Aug 28, 2009
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When i got my ipad, the only thing that diappointed me was how many of my apps were made for iPhone only, so when the open in ipad, they open at about the size of an iPhone, surrounded by black space. I know you can double the size, but that looks crappy, with pixelated text and edges, and huuuge fonts. Sadly, even the icafe app is like this :( but there are some apps that seem to have been made especially for the ipad, which open fullscreen and are made to look good at that size, with crisp edges and normal fonts, ect.

I was wondering if we could start a list of the fullscreen ipad apps? This is what ive got so far:

Hp Iprint
Ps express
Packing pro
Grocery iq

Ill add more as i find them- pls add any fullscreen apps u know of. Thanks :)


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Aug 9, 2010
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I agree, this is disappointing. (And even if you are Jailbroken, most apps still don't render properly even with the FullForce tweak.)

Your best bet is to stick to Universal apps or iPad apps. Universal apps will run properly, at full resolution, with clear graphics and fonts, on the iPad *and* on an iPhone/iPod touch. These apps are identifiable in the App Store by the little plus sign/cross icon in the spot where it either says "free" or the price.

This is not so obvious, and it sounds like you are rather new to the platform. Sorry if I misunderstood you, and you're not new; but if you aren't aware of this symbol, keep your eye out for it.

An even easier and better method I've found is to download and use the AppShopper app to search the App Store instead of going to the store itself. You can select to view by "iPad apps," which in their definition includes iPad-only apps as well as Universal apps, or you can select Universal, which will exclude the iPad-only ones. I'd recommend the "iPad apps" choice. The app has a lot of cool features - you can create an account and catalog all the apps you own and also start a "wish list" of apps you want. The app will also notify you when you open it up, and/or by email or push notifications, of price drops and app sales for your wish list, or show you a list of what apps are popular and what ones are new, or newly on sale.

I seriously saved almost $50 on a free or 50-75% off downloading spree this weekend with the Black Friday app sales. Plus I was already filtering for apps that would work on the iPad.

I can list some if you're still interested , but I'd recommend just using the AppShopper filter and looking for the plus sign in the App Store pricetag since there are so many apps now that are iPad-only or Universal.

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Sep 6, 2010
These are the ones that I found, and use for the iPad in full screen mode:

Alarm Clock
Atomic Web Browser
Cloud Browse
Dragon Dictation
Fox29 News
Google Earth