Logistics of Selling the iPhone in Anticipation of buying V2


Jan 26, 2008
Quick questions:

If I sell my iPhone (minus SIM card), can I just drop my SIM into any iPhone and continue on my merry way? Will it be transparent to the carrier that I switched phones? How will iTunes react? Is it tied into the SN or MAC id of the device or to the SIM card?

And can the buyer drop in their respective SIM card into my old unit? Can they put in any SIM card?

I am thinking of using one of my kid's phones until I can get my hands on a V2.


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Aug 19, 2007
aye Bay~Bay~
if iPhone 2 is anything similar to iPhone 1, then it all depends on if the phone is already activated.

scenario 1: you take your iPhone 1 sim card out, stick it in brand new iPhone 2, might as well just activate the iPhone 2 with the sim that came with it (not yours) because the process nullifies the current sim card if you itune-activate your iPhone 2. (think this is what happens now if u go from oldsim>new iPhone 1, don't remember exactly but when i had to exchange my iPhone 1 back then, i took out my old sim chip and stuck it in the new one~)

scenario 2: you take your iPhone 1 sim card out, stick it in another iPhone 1 that has already gone through the activation process, it'll just work normally as any cell phone would (i.e. my constant sim swap between my nokia and motorollie) where it just starts working without any manual work


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Jan 18, 2008
Here is my take on this.

The new iPhone will be GLOBALLY available by year's end. Huge subsidies are expected, especially in countries like Itally. The only way Apple will be able to recoup lost kick-backs is from app sales from iTunes. Therefore, I believe that Apple will use additional security measures to lock down the new iPhone.

For this reason, the current iPhone will dip in value initially, just until it's evident that the new one will take a while to jailbreak. Current iPhone prices will then skyrocket again until our beloved Dev Team perform yet another miracle.

To specifically answer your question, If you can jailbreak and unlock the next iPhone you will be able to insert your SIM. Otherwise, you are going to have to connect to iTunes and set up as a new phone, contract and all. That is, of course, unless AT&T requires in-store activation of a line of service prior to you leaving with your phone.