Looking for case that can hold pad of paper

Discussion in 'iPad Cases and Accessories' started by termleech, Feb 27, 2011.

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    So ive been searching all over for the last few days for an iPad case which holds the ipad on one side and a pad of paper on the other. Ive tried using the iPad for note taking and have tried a number of styluses but I just cant make it work for me. When Im in client meetings I need to be able to take notes fast and I just can't do it on the iPad. So I need a pad of paper along with the iPad. I use the ipad for everything else and would love something I can take to client meetings that handles both for me. Anyone know of any good ones?
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  4. canamera

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  5. Iloveiphones

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    Quoted from text: and its inner cover includes pockets for ID and important papers. You're going to take your iPad everywhere. Elan Passport is the perfect traveling companion. Slim, one-piece folio.

    Not sure how much paper it can hold.
  6. canamera

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    Your right, but, the OP wants to be able to have a pad of paper like a clip board.... Not just a couple of pockets to hold things... Maybe I'm wrong though.

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  7. termleech

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    yes I'm really looking for one that will hold a pad of paper not just a few sheets.
  8. RoofMonkey

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  9. termleech

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  10. seven2011

    seven2011 New Member

    That is it, I just got from the website www.zsxiaozhi.com

    I think is so cool for my macbook air!!

  11. SteamPunk

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    I'm not sure about the case itself, but I came across this stylus that features a touchscreen sensitive end and a ballpoint pen on the other end. Might be useful for your line of work?
  12. Mark Gray

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  13. seven2011

    seven2011 New Member

    You mean the one that I show?

    I love the color, and the style is the leather case for iPad

    maybe many cool case you can find in this site zsxiaozhi
    the one I got the leather feeling so great!

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