Losing Charge


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Sep 20, 2007
Hey, im new here and if this topic has been discussed before i apologize in advance, i did a search and could'nt find anything, but my concern is... if i plug my iPhone into a charger, whether it be the dock or a car charger for a short amount of time the battery actally looks like it loses power. im not sure if this is normal or if i have a defective unit. it charges fully overnight in the dock without a problem but if i plug it in during the day for a about a half hour it appears that the battery indicator is actually lower that it was before. any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


Aug 2, 2007
CHarge to full capacity and then reset your usage recorder.
Then the next time the battery is looking like it's 30% or less (or when you get the 20% warning to charge) write down all the data and then charge it and do it again. Do it 2-3 times and if you are getting short battery life, then contact Apple for service and tell them what you recorded.
Mine would use about 30 minutes phone, about 36 hours standby, and about 15-30 MB over edge. Total wifi usage was less than 10 minutes, and bluetooth was not used. Total usage was about 4.5 hours. That was PITIFUL
I called Apple, sent it in, and they replaced it. Now I get about DOUBLE to TRIPLE that usage in a 36 hour period With bluetooth usage.