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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by LemonFlower, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. LemonFlower

    LemonFlower New Member

    I can be listening to an audiobook, then listen to a podcast. Half of the time, when I return to the audiobook, my place is lost and it starts over from the beginning. Anyone know if this can be fixed??
  2. ps49556n

    ps49556n New Member

    I dont have any idea how to fix this which is also a problem with ipods....which is why I stay away from itunes audiobooks.
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  4. LemonFlower

    LemonFlower New Member

    Do you know of any other way to get audiobooks on your iphone?
  5. tdefriez

    tdefriez New Member

    No problems here

    But I use Audiobooks as my source not iTunes - i can remember early on iPods had this issue but recent generation don't
  6. LemonFlower

    LemonFlower New Member

    hmmm... I use audible to download the books and them add them to my library in iTunes. I'll have to look into audiobooks...

  7. Errk!

    Errk! New Member

    In iTunes you can click on the properties of the book and select whether or not you want it to remember your place.
  8. LemonFlower

    LemonFlower New Member

    I have iTunes and I don't see this option! See the attachment. Should I be looking somewhere else? TIA for your help :)

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  9. slarph

    slarph New Member

    Its under "Get Info".
  10. coop1701

    coop1701 Contributor

    You guys are lucky... I've never got a Audiobook to load on my iPhone. It always loads to music.

    I transfered quite a few audiobooks on CD to i-Tunes. however none are recognized as a Audiobook. Maybe if I downloaded off of i-Tunes site they would. But I already have them and I hate to buy them again.
  11. tdefriez

    tdefriez New Member

    Remember playback position is greyed...

    Its greyed so can't be adjusted - not certain how to ungrey it
  12. tdefriez

    tdefriez New Member

    Yes its a pain if you record them yourself

    You can't tag them as an audiobook - same as on iPod. To prevent them playing in shuffle I set the checkbox under the same options to skip when shuffling. To remember where I've played back to I set the remember playback position to checked (it is available with music tracks which any audiobook you record is). It not greyed in music files - I suspect you could scan the file with an editor and toggle a hidden bit to set to audiobook - I've just never bothered
  13. ps49556n

    ps49556n New Member

    As of now there is not an audiobook specific mode for iphone, it is recognized like music.
  14. tdefriez

    tdefriez New Member

    Sorry but

    iPhone is no different to iPod - if you buy Audiobooks from Audible or iTunes (iTune book came for Audible anyway) then the iPhone will place them under Audiobooks and play as such..... It recognises them a Audiobook not music. If you record them yourself or use other source then they are seen as music
  15. coop1701

    coop1701 Contributor

    I'm importing them off of CD, and check the correct options during the Add File of the CD's. It still should recognize that they are not music. To make it work correctly I added a play list for it and just moved the files in there. But I still shouldn't have to do this. Believe me i-Tunes know that it's a Harry Potter book too, because it imported the Cover art for it.
  16. dutchtrumpet

    dutchtrumpet New Member

    If you use the ten dollar mac software called AudiobookMaker you can rip audiobook cd's or or existing files in iTunes or otherwise as iTunes recognized audiobooks. You can do it complete with chapters. Its great software...cheap and simple to use. I highly recommend it.
  17. coop1701

    coop1701 Contributor

    Is it only for Mac's or PC's too?

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