Lost every contact from my iPhone 4

Sep 13, 2011
Ok let me start from scratch.
I bought iPhone4 5 days ago. My previous phone was Samsung omnia II. i had to manually type on a piece of paper my 754 contacts. and then i again manually typed them into my iPhone4. (i was not aware of the outlook service).
So today i woke up , i connected my iPhone to my pc , it sync and then i saw that there where NO contacts in it. i am really frustrated and i am ready to burst cause those contacts where 4 years old and i have completely no idea what to do.
I would appreciate any kind of help! I will be in here and refresh the thread for any kind of tips. Please i need your help guys!
Sep 13, 2011
and something i forgot. i can only find 1 backup of my phone in the pc. and that is made today after i saw my contacts where gone!


Mar 29, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
ok guys...i found them in my outlook so its all good!
Glad you sorted it all out, Kostas. I myself use Outlook and I'm very thankful that it keeps track of all my contacts without the need of me typing them in. I'm sorry you initially felt you had to do that. I bet your fingers were cramping afterwards. :(