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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by coreyb, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. coreyb

    coreyb New Member

    hey there fellow iphone lovers... i did a restore cause my world clock wasn't functioning properly... well now i'm pissed i did cause i lost all my sms text messages, my youtube bookmarks, my safari bookmarks, etc... i could sync the address book and calendar but where the hell did all my other content disappear to? i'm frustrated... can anyone help me? thanks...
  2. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    You restored it which changed EVERYTHING back to it's default state. Music, Movies, Videos, Photos, Contacts, Calendar, Internet Bookmarks(Saved on your computer), etc. can all be restored through iTunes. But, you lose all the settings you've changed on the phone as the restore reverts it back to its' factory shipped state. That has been my experience.
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  4. coreyb

    coreyb New Member

    but HOW? i synced and they aren't there... i got the calendar, contacts, but that's about it... i need the sms and bookmarks!
  5. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    You can't get your SMS messages back. You can save your bookmarks in your internet browser on your computer. Then sync them to the phone with iTunes. That way if you ever have to do a restore again, you'll have your saved bookmarks. There's an option in iTunes to sync your PC bookmarks to the phone. Make sure that option is checked.

    I lost all of my sms, notes and saved preferences when I restored too. So, it's not just you.
  6. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    Yep, same here. Second time I've lost everything.

    But I can't stay mad at my iPhone. :laugh2:
  7. monte1985

    monte1985 Member

    I just restored and updated and now all my contacts are gone . I did not put them back on there . Any way to get them back ?? Did not have them saved anywhere else. Thanks
  8. ps49556n

    ps49556n New Member

    No, unless you backed them up on a computer.
  9. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

  10. brinky

    brinky New Member

    I depends on how good the last backup is. The first time I tried to do a hack to add custom ringtones, it failed, but I connected it to iTunes and it tried to do a sync and failed. After the restore I lost everything.

    Next time I did a mod to get a ringtone on there, there was a successful backup, I hosed the iPhone (again) but didn't try to sync to iTunes. Once I got the iPhone restored it was able to get all my SMS's back, my contact favorites and their saved ring tones. Everything.

    So maybe the moral of the story is that is just depends?!?
  11. burniksapwet

    burniksapwet Member

    When I restored mine I got most of it back including my text. The only thing that was deleted was my pics, mp3's and movies.:laugh2:
  12. princess_80854

    princess_80854 New Member

    Lucky you! I have heard of others doing a restore even before the update and their settings were restored.
  13. spinkas

    spinkas New Member

    Iphone Restore, lost all pics on the phone need to get back!!!!

    Why doesn't the IPhone sync to the my docs folder automatically? It seems its only a 1 way copy from the my pictures folder to the iphone . It doesn't seem to transfer the iphone pics to the my pictures folder. Thus they should change the word "sync" to "one way copy"
    Basically I had to do a restore to the iphone which did fix the issue, but I lost every picture I had on the phone. I thought they were copied to my computer automatically and they were not. Is there any kind of temp file or iphone cache that is storing all my pictures or are they gone forever?

    please help.
  14. petalmom

    petalmom New Member

    When you connect your phone to your computer it will recognize it as a camera (at least on a PC). You have the opportunity then to transfer pics taken by the iPhone camera to the computer. If you did not do that then I suspect they are gone. Sorry!

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