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Discussion in 'Mac OS X' started by emhcee, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. emhcee

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    Anyone use an app to unlock a PDF that's protected? I have several that are site design proposals for clients from a year or more ago, and don't have any idea what the passwords were. I see several apps that supposedly unlock them, but I'm worried about malware.
  2. lemoon

    lemoon Member

    Googled and get this http://www.pdfunlock.com/
    Don't know how is it works. But if you want to convert the PDF to word or text, that also can remove password from PDF, then you could get a Enolsoft PDF to word tool.
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  4. In the future, please report spammers instead of conversing with them. Thanks.
  5. emhcee

    emhcee Member

    Not sure I saw the spam, but I did take the advice in Lemoon & Patricia04's replies and things worked great. I got the file unlocked, and thanked them both by 'liking' the posts.
  6. Why, yes, yes he has. :D
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  7. kellylorry

    kellylorry New Member

    Kernel for PDF restriction removal is a competent tool to unlock PDF file. It removes local restrictions of a secured PDF file and lets a user to perform multiple tasks with that file. This software is equipped with simple graphical training and therefore, does not require specific skills to use it. With free version, one can remove local restrictions from PDF file of size up to 200 KB. You can use full version in order to remove security restrictions from PDF files of size 200 KB or more.

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