lovely... a brick that looks like an iPhone. NEED HELP!


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Jul 11, 2008
My phone is completely frozen. I installed the "illegitimate" version of 2.0 and it was working fine last night. I downloaded a couple apps and they synced perfectly. messed around with them. woke up the next morning. everything still fine. somehow i don't know when, my phone just froze and i have tried to do the hard reset and whatnot that everyone else says works (hold down both power and home buttons for 10 secs). bull. it doesn't work at all. and when i do it, it just comes back to Apple logo and stays there for hours on end. I start iTunes and plug in the phone and iPhone screen never shows up. instead iTunes completely freezes and does not respond. So i cant reset from iTunes. Now I have a brick that doesn't work at all. And i have no way of resetting it or telling it to reset itself. If anyone has any ideas, let me know cause otherwise i don't have a cell phone. please help. thanks in advance!


Jan 13, 2008
You might have to wait a day or two.
iTunes is all screwed up right now.
Some people can't even get their 3G iPhones fully activated.