Manually Uninstall


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Dec 13, 2007
Can someone tell me how to manually UNINSTALL Apps and/or Fixes from Installer using WinSCP?

I installed the iAppaDay Wallpaper Fix from the new Fight Club source and still the wallpapers won't save to my wallpaper library or to my camera roll. I tried to uninstall the fix with installer and it tells me the permissions have been set back to 0755, but then instead of uninstalling it gives me the "Main Script Execution Failed" error. I want to uninstall the fix so i can manually perform the fixes myself.

x999x if you read this, hopefully you can tell me how to get the fix to work.

P.S. After attempting to uninstall the fix with Installer, the Wallpaper app permissions DO get reset to 0755 even though the actual fix won't uninstall. I then SSH into my phone, and manually set the permissions to 0777 but the wallpapers still won't save to my wallpaper library.


Feb 11, 2008
I have also installed the fix to no prevail. Alltho I was able to uninstall it just fine. I don't wana pester x999x again about this fix so if anyone eles would be willing to help it would be greatly appriciated!

If u do read this, thank you so much x999x for takeing the time to help. Maybe the fix just needs to be tweeked, who knows.