Maps Goofing up

Michael Baturin

Jul 11, 2007
South Jersey
Has anyone else seen this? It happened on mine and my friends 3Gs.

We will put a route in maps and along the way, when we hit the --> arrow to see next direction, the blue target circle is off of the route and into the woods or somewhere. It does not always do this, but it has done it at least 10 times for each of us.

Anyone know more?


Nov 16, 2008
Maryland, USA
I have seen that, most recently on a train trip home from NYC.

Your location on a map is a combination of GPS satellites your unit sees, cell tower triangulation, and the basic map data. My old WM phone and my former Garmin let you know how many "birds" the units could see. Greater accuracy was achieved with the number of "birds" accessed. My WM phone zeroed in better going from cell triangulation to 3 birds up to a total of 6. As you move, those numbers will vary.

I've also seen the demonstrable errors of the maps even on a stand-alone GPS and in browser viewed maps. Some here say they can identify the room of the house in which they are located. My iPhone consisting shows my street address 2 houses on the other side of my narrow street. Google Earth has a view of my home the day 2 trees were taken down; 4 1/2 years ago. My Garmin told me I was 500 feet from one friend's house in another town as I parked in front of house. For another friend, Mapquest, Google, and Garmin all identify his street address on the next one over. The Garmin would insist I do a U-turn up into I pulled into a parking space.

No technology is perfect. I, for one, can't be overly concerned. Even with a map and compass, you still have to have your wits about you.