**me, a vanity phone number from major carriers


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
This is certainly cool, and very cheap. I just signed up. The AT&T rep told me people can call me or text me using my short code. Although he could not answer if people on networks other than AT&T can use it, because apparently AT&T hasn't trained their reps on this yet, I have learned that anyone on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile can use my short code to reach me.

Truth be told, this is obviously not a necessary feature in this day and age, because, let's face it, people can store your number on their phone. However, if your friend's phone falls into a wormhole and ends up in another dimension, and at the same time his Mac back home on which he had his contacts synced is destroyed by his psychotic neighbor who is off his meds, and, tragically, the Apple data center that holds your friend's iCloud backup is destroyed by a meteorite (and, in a disturbing sequence of events, the secondary Apple data center containing a backup copy of the first data center's backup is destroyed by an enormous explosion in the meth lab secretly operating beneath it), then your friend can still reach you at your **me short code.

Let's face it, he didn't have your number memorized, and you know it.