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Discussion in 'iPhone 6' started by Kenny65, Feb 3, 2016.

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    My wife has an iPhone 6 with 64GB of memory at time of purchase. She has added few apps, has less than 100 pics yet her used storage vs available storage is 66.4GB vs 5.7MB. How can this be a true ratio? I had an iPhone 4S 64GB and I had far more apps and over 3000 pics. My memory was never depleted to that degree. Trying to figure this out?!?
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    My sister had a similar problem and it turned out she had hundreds of deleted pics. Deleted pics still take up room in storage. Could this be the same problem?
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    The amount of usable space on a 64 GB after indexing and the OS and stock apps are installed is about 56 GB, so I'm not sure why you are seeing 66.4 GB as the total available. Regardless, there are a lot of possibilities as to why she is down to 5.7 MB free. My best guess is that the storage space has been corrupted.

    Sometimes apps like Pinterest are set to save every pinned image to iPhone storage. It could also be a corrupt Other section, videos in the camera roll or apps, or a very large Messages folder with lots of texted photos that are taking up space. Go to Settings > General > Storage > Manage Storage. The apps with the highest usage are listed first. If the numbers don't add up and indicate a culprit or two, connect to iTunes on a computer and look at her usage bar (see my screenshot below). The bright orange Other section should only be a couple GB. If it's more than several GB, she might have a bloated/corrupt Other section. I've had it take up 20 GB, which was every bit of free space I had at the time. You can try less destructive methods for fixing it first, but the only way I have ever gotten it to shrink back down to a normal size is to restore to factory settings. There are multiple causes for it, one of which is syncing videos that with incompatible formats. Most times there is no explanation and it's impossible to say why it happened.

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