Migrate/ Convert structure from Folder Enhancer to Stock iOS folders & Save SpringBoard Layout?

Apr 27, 2010
Migrate/ Convert structure from Folder Enhancer to Stock iOS folders & Save SpringBoard Layout?

iOS-7.1.1 - Jailbroken
iOS 9.0.2 or 8.4/.1

** FE Related: **
- I disabled all the Switches inside FE
-- Folders show where they were with 3x3 layout inside them. Until this point no problem with folders.
- When I uninstalled FE {or disabled FE in Mobile Substrate in iCleaner Pro), except a few folders {I suspect these were made earlier}, all of my folders disappeared.
- I am wondering if FE enhances iOS stock folders or simply replaces their creation by iOS?

** Reinstall FE for Folder Structure + R&D on how FE stores it: **
- Somehow I was able to recover them after reinstalling FE and then using restore in 'BackIt'.

- I exported all the FE files folders {that show in Cydia} from Library.. /MobileSubstrate /PreferenceBundles /PreferenceLoaders and went through the Plists and could not find anywhere that FE stores 'this' 'folder' information.

- Does FE store this folder with icons mapping information somewhere? Or does it use stock iOS mapping and add on only?
- I thoughe FE only enhanced/ added to Stock Folders not "bypass" their creation completely.

** Migrate/ Convert from FE to Stock iOS Folders: **
- If so, I am comfortable with XML/ XSL editing and can iFunbox into iPhone and convert FE mapping into Stock iOS mapping if needed. I am guessing its just a different template?

Please let me know how I could take current folder mapping & locations and make it Stock iOS as I don’t want tweaks & jailbreaks for folders.

Please just guide me and I will do the effort.

** SpringBoard Layouts: **

- What apps/ tweaks/ files can I use to 'Store/ Backup & Restore' SB Layouts that include Stock iOS folder structure that iOS and iTunes will recognize?

- Are the following outlined files still valid to do that? How & where does iOS now store SB Folder & App Icon layouts?

Old Stock iOS SpringBoard related:
- I remember we used to back up these certain folders & files as they were said to be used by Stock iOS to store SpringBoard icon etc layouts.
Is this still correct/ valid?

SpringBoard Icon & Folder Layout
? /private/var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard/
? /User/Library/SpringBoard/*
? /SpringBoard/
? applicationstate.plist and
? IconSupportState.plist

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