Million man iPhone march

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New Member
Jun 17, 2007
This thread is going to fly so quickly , Its just that I just now woke up and thought of this. We all must schedule a Million Man/woman iPhone MARCH for our rights as iPhone users. Why?
Because there will be tons of people exhibiting jealousy regarding iPhone.
Now...while thats really a joke. I am SURE I repeat SURE that I will have to break up with one or two friends who cannot handle that I got the iPhone.
If I hear one negative comment from any close friends then the march is on.
At least its a new topic.


New Member
Jun 11, 2007
It'll be just like the RAZR craze that hit in '04 and '05.
Umm, no, it won't. It will be 10X bigger.

The Razor was just another crappy cell phone only thinner. Seriously, that is the only feature it had over any of its competition, the size. The 1G razor wasn't tri-band had an SVGA camera and a lousy battery. iPhone has like 5 never before seen features in a cell phone from non-linear voicemail to real Internet surfing. A bunch of other features that are 100 times better than any existing cell phone like music, maps, etc...

Comparing the Razor to the iPhone is like comparing an original Sony Walkman with an iPod.

- SR


New Member
Jun 13, 2007
They're all gonna love it. It'll be just like the RAZR craze that hit in '04 and '05.
That's for sure. And there is a good chance that it will be so much bigger than that, as the RAZR had far less advertisements prior to it's launch. The potential impact of the iPhone has yet to be fully realized. I think it will be a blockbuster. Apparently that is an opinion that is also shared by AT&T based on all the extra crowd control people they are hiring. This launch promises to be quite a party.