Mini messenger bag


Jan 30, 2011
So. California
Thanks for the great review.
I really like the fit, feel and construction of the bag. Hands down the highest quality bag I have ever had.. But the darn thing looks like a purse when worn as a messenger bag with the strap.

My search for a non purse'ish bag for the mini in proving to be rather difficult! The issue I believe is in the mini's strength which is it's size. The smaller the messenger bag, the more prone it is to looking like a purse.

I'm 6' 2" which makes it a bit more difficult but there has to be something out there and I'm determined to find it. My next order will probably be the Muzetto Personal Bag in combination with the iPad mini Slip Case.

The Muzetto does not offer the padding and the impact-resistant plastic that the CitySlicker does but the Slip Case does.. So maybe the mini in the Slip Case and then that combo inside the Muzetto Personal Bag will be the trick.. I hope!

The Muzetto Bag and the Slip Case combo is rather expensive and may be more than most want to pay. I am fine with spending the money as long as the combo works, the mini is well protected and the bag is high quality.

Total price of the Muzetto Personal Bag and mini Slip Case is $197.96 with shipping and CA tax..

Muzetto Personal Bag (Outback Version):

iPad mini Slip Case:


Jan 30, 2011
So. California
Ordered these and they ship on the 7th.. Fingers crossed this solution works for my needs!

Muzetto Personal Outback with the Black accent


iPad mini Slip Case in Black

Should be here Monday or Tuesday next week and I will update this thread after I receive it..

Please, please, please don't look like a purse! LOL

Edit to add: I received my shipping email saying it went out today via USPS priority so I should have the bag on Thursday 11-6-12 :woot: :woot:


Jan 30, 2011
So. California
The Muzetto Personal Outback bag and the iPad mini Slip Case from SFBags arrived today and I do believe that this combo is a keeper for my needs! It does not look like a purse and with the protection offered by the slip case, the mini is well protected!

The Muzetto Outback Personal Bag & the iPad mini Slip Case from SFBags:

I ordered the items directly from SFBags and the total cost for both items was $197.96 after CA tax and shipping.

The Muzetto Personal Outback is $149 and the iPad mini Slip Case was $27 The Muzetto Personal bag is also available in a pure leather version for $179.

I chose the Outback version because I felt the Tan waxed cotton canvas looked more rugged and man'ish than its leather counterpart.. I am not at all disappointed as this does in fact look very rugged and man'ish!

The Muzetto bag by itself offers very little in terms of overall protection for the mini. I would not feel comfortable putting a caseless / naked mini in the bag by its self. This is where the slip case (or any iPad mini case for that matter) comes in as it offers additional protection. The slip case from SFBags is highly recommended if you do not already have a case for the mini.

The slip case is lined with internal padding and has impact-resistant plastic to keep the mini safe and secure. The slip case also has a water-proof outer material that adds protection against spills ect.. There is a handy tab at the bottom of the slip case to help you ease the mini out when you need it.

The Muzetto Personal Outback bag is top tier quality. Every single stitch is perfect and you can instantly see that this bag will last a lifetime. The bag has a very nice and high quality non-removable shoulder strap that is very comfortable. The exterior of the bag offers a large weighted flap. There is no velcro or buttons for securing the flap closed. The weight and length of the flap is used to keep it closed and it appears to work very well.

Under the main flap is a front compartment that can easily store a phone, bluetooth, mifi device, wallet ect.. This front pouch is also lined but offers no real padding or protection. The main compartment is roomy and there is plenty of room inside and it is also lined. The iPad mini inside the slip case fits loosely in this area but not so loosely as to cause concern over unwanted movement or shifting. Also inside the main compartment area is a smaller zippered compartment. This area could easily store a lightning cable, a microfiber cleaning cloth ect.. On the backside of the bag there is a large compartment to put documents, a magazine ect.

I can't say enough about this bag. It's top quality and the waxed cotton looks and feels awesome!

I would not however feel comfortable putting the mini inside naked. If naked is your thing then this bag is probably not for you. If you have the mini in a case or add the slip case as I did then this bag can't be beat! It is pure awesome'ness, manly looking, and comfortable!

My search for a messenger bag has ended..


High quality material, construction and craftsmanship
Soft and high quality waxed cotton
Impact resistant plastic on the Slip Case
Numerous compartments for phone, accessories and documents
High quality and very comfortable shoulder strap
Plenty of color options and also available in a pure leather version
Does NOT look like a purse!
Looks rugged and manly


Price (not really a con if you consider the high quality material and craftsmanship of the bag)


Front of the Muzetto Outback Personal


The Muzetto with the mini Slip Case and the iPad mini


The Muzetto with the mini Slip Case


Interior of main compartment with iPad mini inside the mini Slip Case


Rear view showing the document / magazine compartment


I have went through several bags during my search so if you have any questions about any of the bags feel free to ask and I will do my best to help out / answer them..

Customer service at SFBags can't be beat! They answered all my questions, they went out of their way to snap and send me specific photos of several bags when I asked for them and I always had a response from them within an hour! When I sent the CitySlicker back they credited my card the same day they received it. Bottom line is that SFBags flat out ROCKS!