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Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by ravman, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. ravman

    ravman Zealot

    I've done a search for this, but cannot seem to find it.

    I recently downloaded the MMS app from Installer. It needs the MMSC & Proxy settings for AT&T.

    Does anyone by any chance know what these are?

    Anyone else tried the MMS app? Is it any good?
  2. OJsakila

    OJsakila New Member

    I think you will need to enable mms on your AT&T account by calling AT&T and requesting them to do this for you.
    you also need those settings that you are looking for now to plug into that app. I don't have that info for you nut someone here will... Good luck
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  4. Griffinaz

    Griffinaz Zealot

  5. ravman

    ravman Zealot

    Thanks for the info. I tried sending an MMS via that app and no one receives anything. Using a regular phone and my SIM, I can MMS to my hearts content.

    Guess the app isn't working 100% yet?

  6. Griffinaz

    Griffinaz Zealot

    You are correct. The app is having mixed reviews on whether it works or not. Some say it works to other AT&T customers, others cant get it to work at all although it shows that it sent the recipient never gets it. Still needs a bit more work but even working once out of each 10 tries is better than what is built into the phone, nothing.
  7. termleech

    termleech Zealot

    I just use the email addresses to send MMS messages now. Works 100% of the time.
  8. ravman

    ravman Zealot

    That is what I have been using up until now. But if the other party has an unlimited MMS package, will they get charged if I send them a MMS via the email method?

  9. amendolaro

    amendolaro New Member


    just called ATT and told them i needed it push wap enabled. they confirmed it. what are the settings? i tried it and still not working..
  10. iphun

    iphun Zealot

    I've found these settings before, but I have never needed them although I am on 3.0 with the new mms feature. You might just have to wait a while for the settings to actually apply to your phone:
    APN: wap.cingular;
    Password which is case sensitive: CINGULAR1;
    MMS Proxy:

    You could also try airplane mode or resetting network settings.
  11. amendolaro

    amendolaro New Member

    trying this now hope it works
  12. amendolaro

    amendolaro New Member

    nope... does the mms on 3.0 work?
  13. iphun

    iphun Zealot

    I've had it working since the 1st 3.0 beta and haven't lost it since, but for some people that isn't the story. Some people had luck like me, some haven't had luck on any beta, some had luck on one or two of them, and with the latest beta lots of people lost it completely. But by the final version there will be full support for it from both apple and at&t.
  14. amendolaro

    amendolaro New Member

    okay well im downloading the new 3.0 OS beta 4. since beta 4 was the last 2 have mms. do u have a dev account u can add my udid to? also can i jail break the OS 3.0?
  15. iphun

    iphun Zealot

    Ok just make sure you have a copy of beta 5 on hand just in case beta 4 expires. Here's a link of people offering UDID registration
    Yep you can jailbreak 3.0, all you have to do is select the beta version you are on to jailbreak to. There are even videos and steps to take for jailbreaking 3.0.
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  16. swampduck

    swampduck Member

    this has been discussed for so long around here, 3.0 is supposed to offer that functionality, that being said, I can send my wife and others on ATT via 100% of the time. She emails me pictures she takes, outside of that no help at this time
  17. iden32

    iden32 New Member

    yes 3.0 mms works as well as 3.1 i am running stock 3.1 and receiving mms and sending... just download the iccp file.... google it and u will find it.... on another note i would not recommend updating to 3.1 as of yet... for one there is no jailbreak yet and two u can not unlock....

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