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Jul 21, 2007

It's awesome. By using it to download files from Safari along with MobileStudio and Erica's SendFile it's just amazing. I'm planning on writing a little tutorial on what I did and how I did it tonight.
Is it easier to use MPNlight or File Download to download files from Safari? I'm using the Hackintosh File Download Plugin and it works fine.

And what are you doing with MobileStudio and Sendfile? :)


Sep 7, 2007
McPherson, KS
The MPNlight makes it easier to add and remove the files I want to download. I don't have to edit any plist files. You still have to know the content types and the file extensions but it does it for you. It's a little harder to download only because it "intercepts" the download and then you have to go to MNPlight and download the file. But I'd rather do that and have the ability to easily add and remove the download files without having to edit the plist files.

Once you've downloaded it, mp3's can just be listened to using SendFile so you don't have to add them to the iTunes library. Or you can add them with MNPlight.

As for MobileFinder and Studio it lets you view you downloaded files, PDF's, JPEG, etc. I only with we had a means to unzip and untar files. Then the power of the iPhone as a mobile computing platform would be even more disgusting that it already is.