Mobile Finder no longer working after update


New Member
Aug 6, 2007
I'm not exactly sure what fixed my Finder, but I'll list what I did to fix it.

First I uninstalled mobilefinder, and used ibrickr to install the previous version of mobilefinder. Then I ran mobilefinder and clicked the "close" button in the settings, then uninstalled mobilefinder. I ran and installed the current mobilefinder and everything ran perfectly again.

I had uninstalled and reinstalled mobilefinder on my iPhone through 5 times at work and every time the program would freeze when I finally launched it. I noticed that it froze with the blue bars and buttons on, while my previous settings had the black bars and red buttons enabled. I decided to take a guess that the program was hanging on my preferences plist. To be "extra sure" I installed the previous version so that it overwrote my preferences, and made sure to click "close" in the settings to exit the application gracefully.

Maybe that graceful exit sets a flag in the prefs, I'm not sure, all I know is it had full permissions to execute properly but it crashed each and every time irregardless.