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Discussion in 'iPhone Jailbreak' started by Alexander, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    HERE is the Keypad Colors

    For every one who has a Passcode to unlock their iPhone (which you should!), this will change the color of the keypad when each button is pressed.


    Rename the color keypad you choose to DeviceLockKeypadPressed.png


    If you'd rather have the Keypad color changed before pressing the buttons navigate here


    And Rename the color keypad you choose to DeviceLockKeypad.png

    HERE is the Keypad Colors, I'll take requests too.
  2. victo019

    victo019 New Member

    Can you point me in the direction to even start the color and icon changes? I have done the ringtone thing so I have jailbreak and the iphoneinterface. I am using win xp and just need a link to the instructions. Thanks.
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  4. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    Well first I suggest this
    Just extract those files into your jailbreak folder, and then run it. It allows you to drag and drop your fies into your iPhone instead of using command prompt.

    Second, you have to understand that we are simply taking image files and REPLACING them over the ones that come default on the iPhone. Every image file is located somewhere different in the iPhone's directory.

    Once you find an image file you want to add to the iPhone, the easiest way to find what directory it belongs in is to go here:
    Press CTRL + F, and search for the image file name.
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  5. victo019

    victo019 New Member

    Thanks man...
  6. AllanGT

    AllanGT New Member

    I like the red one alot, is there a way to make it a little bit more transparent? The red is a little heavy, but it matches my theme perfectly if it could be just a bit more transparent :)

    Also, do you have the stock keypad file?
  7. ojasray

    ojasray New Member

    sounds good, can you just post a image or screen shot of your iphone so i know what your talking about....

  8. AllanGT

    AllanGT New Member

    Does anyone have the stock black keypad?
  9. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    we can't post the stocks but you could find them if you searched.
  10. jptolife

    jptolife Member

    Has there been any luck with the phone keyboard?
  11. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    For some reason the Phone Keyboard will NOT change. I putfile and modify what seems to be the correct directories - or the only ones visible - but I never have any luck. The folks over at modmyiphone got the same results as me.
  12. psychoticpanda

    psychoticpanda New Member


    if you hold down the key when your typing in the code you should see the color. it only works when you hold it down. its not the color of the keypad its self.
  13. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    I'm aware the CODE keypad works, I made this thread. However, he was inquiring about the PHONE keypad - as in the keypad in which you dial numbers on. Which by the way, is not working.
  14. Alpha Zero

    Alpha Zero New Member

  15. jptolife

    jptolife Member

  16. Alpha Zero

    Alpha Zero New Member

    No, I'm not sure. Check that thread, I think they've gotten it. I don't really have much interest in changing my dialerpad so I didn't really read the page.

    BTW, Alexander is it possible for you to make a darker blue? I suck at PS and I've been trying to make it darker, but it doesn't quite come out right. I have the dank blue color change set and need a darker blue keypad to go with it. Like the "bluebattery" blue. Thanks.
  17. sykl1

    sykl1 New Member

    ive been able to change the "Call" button on the phone dialer to red, and also changed the delete and add contact button to turn red when theyre pressed.
  18. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

    Yes, I'll get it up after dinner. :laugh2:
  19. Alexander

    Alexander Zealot

  20. Alpha Zero

    Alpha Zero New Member

    Awesome! Funny how I spent all day trying to do it and couldn't get it. Glad my computer came with Photoshop. I would be pissed if I paid for it. lol

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