Modifications Causing Instability?


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Sep 26, 2007
First of all, I'm posting this with the understanding that hacking my iPhone could cause all kinds of unexplained consequences, however I'm asking if anybody else has experienced these symptoms.

I've been noticing that Safari likes to crash on me. It didn't start doing it really badly until just recently, but I had it crash three times on me today, and it couldn't have been totally caused by my modifications, because it wasn't all that frequent right after I started modding. It happens irregardless of what site I'm on, sometimes I'll be typing a message and it'll crash out of nowhere.

Also, I've had certain times where I'll bring up the phone app, and it'll crash and act like I locked it, and then when I hit the home key to bring it back up, it'll do the same thing again (black screen) until I hit the home key one more time, and only then will it allow me to unlock and continue what I was doing.

Again, these events are not dependent on any certain application or any activity, they are happening more often now, though.

Anyone else experienced this?


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Aug 13, 2007
as for safari crashing it was a bug that was causing this but Apple fixed it and it hasn't happened to me now that im on 1.1.1. even when i was on 1.0.2 it didn't happen. as for the screen going black and locking it self i would get that sometimes and it was quite annoying. yours sounds like its happening more often though


Jul 1, 2007
RAM or flash drive space? Or are they one in the same on the iPhone?

I have around 120MB free on my 4G.. could that be a problem?
same, since there is no hard disk.

there have been lots of comments from people with unstable phones and the common thread seems to be they have less than 150MB free space. I'm not saying 150 is the magic number but it is known that operating systems need room to "operate" and when deprived, they act flakey.