Monster LRG iPhone Cases NEW


New Member
Sep 17, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I just picked this up last weekend, I got the black leather cases and so far I really like this. I use this case/holster with a combination of the crystal clear film you get at the Apple store and it seems to be working well. I went through the iskin Revo and the Switheasy Capsule and found this to be the best combination. It allows my iPhone to still look the same, the screen is protected and when I do have to go out and carry it, I can carry it in this case, rather then putting it inside my pant's pocket.

The only time I have to be careful not to drop it is when I take it out the case and I'm using it. Plus, these cases look nice and allow you to wear them a couple different ways. I like the combination of the black and shiny gold. I paid $50.00 which is a bit much for a case, but it's Christmas time and I treated myself to one.