More eternity/noel cases: anybody tried 'em?

May 6, 2007
United States
Has anybody tried the "more" eternity or noel series metallic cases?

They look pretty nice and I wanted to know if I should look into them.
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Apr 2, 2009
i had the Merlot from the eternity collection on my previous 3G (i ordered the titanium was was shipped the wrong one). i really liked the case because its not bulky and doesn't have that sticky texture like some of the silicone cases do. it also wraps around the phone a little more than similar cases, covering up the chrome border on the phone. i don't think i ever dropped the phone, so i cant really say how it would hold up.. but i haven't heard any negative reviews on the case and im actually plan on getting another one for my current 3G.

side note: they give you a free mirror finished screen protector which was kinda cool at first, but it is a little hard to see during the day. i used it as a temporary solution while i bought the Zagg screen protector.