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Discussion in 'iPad Apps and Games' started by MJCrz, May 9, 2012.

  1. MJCrz

    MJCrz New Member

    Out of curiosity, what is everyone's most common used Apps (aside from iCafe) or favorite game on their iPad? Mine was Plants vs. Zombies and iClass (i'm a student, so i use that more often than others).
  2. MercuryWalker

    MercuryWalker New Member

    The app I use the most is probably the google docs app. It's useful for school and story writing.
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  4. Target

    Target Evangelist

    Flipboard. I read a ton.


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  5. Darrel

    Darrel New Member


    Heroic Legends (online)
    King's Empire (online)
    Call of Mini Zombies (offline and co-op online)

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  6. Cabby 49115

    Cabby 49115 New Member

    Flipboard, tweetbot and YouTube, cradle of Rome.

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  7. Axne1

    Axne1 Member

    Jet pack, YouTube, flip board,mypad.

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  8. emhcee

    emhcee Member

    iComicBookLover and Kindle app. (Tweetbot runs a close 3rd.)
  9. EricaLee

    EricaLee New Member

    The App game ,Running Panda newly version is released ,we can download it from App store

    These days ,i am addicted to the game Subway surf ,it is so interesting

    Also i like the game Mad Coaster ,from Chilligo very much ,so much fun..............
  10. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

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  11. 73W

    73W Member

    I use a lot the app "Pages" to manage several Facebook pages. Talking about games, I'm playing a lot to Subway Surf, Angry Birds Space and Followers Attack.
  12. JFN

    JFN Member

  13. Bennyboy

    Bennyboy Genius

    Homerun battle 2 and HBO go
    Homerun battle is a must have.
  14. danielle.

    danielle. Member

    I use Rdio, Pandora, and Netflix daily. And when I'm in school I also use CourtSmart's etextbook app and Dropbox frequently.
  15. harkanliza

    harkanliza Guest

    Will you some one gives me guidelines to use ipad..............please
  16. I use skype and facebook a lot, plus a few games like Infinity Blade II
  17. keithdaman77

    keithdaman77 Member

    youtube and jetpack for me although i do like plants vs zombies
  18. Amanda Heenan

    Amanda Heenan New Member

    Flipboard and Instagram
  19. Play Go

    Play Go New Member

    Pandora, all day, erryday. Can't get anything done without music!
  20. ReeseyCup79

    ReeseyCup79 Member

    I use the native YouTube app on the iPad. It kinda bugs me that it's going away. Using the web site is ok but if u like to close everything out and reset everything as much as I do. It kinda sucks having to log in again where as u don't with the native app. Oh well. I did here that they might make a YouTube app in the app store.
  21. rosie0730

    rosie0730 New Member

    Tweetbot and Flipboard

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