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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by suitelife123, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. suitelife123

    suitelife123 New Member

    Has anyone tried the motorola h500 yet with the iPhone? Does it work and how does it sound compared to other headsets? I have one sitting around, but haven't tested it yet.
  2. chrissurra

    chrissurra New Member

    Yes, it works with no problem.
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  4. EbbandFlow

    EbbandFlow New Member

    I disagree. Sure, it connects - but mulitple people have told me that they here a whirring/buzzing in the background when I talk. I double-checked this by calling my home line and sure enough, I hear the same buzz. =-/
  5. ravman

    ravman Zealot

    I've tried it and have not had any problems!! But I soon disconnected it and handed it back to my GF. She got a pink one!!

  6. EbbandFlow

    EbbandFlow New Member

    Pink one, huh? WEll THAT must be the secret! :p
  7. satishna108

    satishna108 Guest

    Have not tried it yet, but it is said quite good.
  8. EbbandFlow

    EbbandFlow New Member

    Well, mine always made the whirring/whining noise to my recipients. I picked up another brand (cheaper actually) and this one works just fine with no complaints from recipients of my calls. For some reason, the Motorola H500 never worked correctly with my iPhone. Hope you fair better results!
  9. wwaitesr

    wwaitesr New Member

    Won't Discover

    My iPhone 3G does not discover my Motorola H500. I would think after 10 minutes that enough is enough, yet is is discovered by my wife's Razr immediately. Anyone else run in to that problem? :(
  10. eye-Fone

    eye-Fone Zealot

    I used to have the H500 and it worked well. It developed some static, so I've since upgraded to the H700 with no problems with it and the iPhone 3G.

    By the way, my H500 was still under warranty and, for a replacement, all they had were H700's--that's how come I have it. ;)
  11. derek4tv

    derek4tv New Member

    I managed to pair my H500 (that I used to use with my old Palm) and whilst I can hear very well, it does not control calls (hang up or answer calls)

    Anyone have same problem or know solution?

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