Moving messages from old iPhone and restoring from iCloud

Discussion in 'iPhone 6' started by KevTN, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Good morning. I hope that I can make sense of this as I am a bit frustrated. My wife got her iphone 6 yesterday and everything has backup exept her messages that have some important work information in them. and second although she is signed into itunes with her account there are four apps App store is trying to restore but it is from another account that is not a apart of our family. I have signed out of itunes and signed back but the unknown email/app account is still there. Suggestions?

    1) is there a way just to move my wife messages from old phone to the new one?

    2) I can not find restore from Icloud in iOS8

    ok that's three questions....

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    You have to go to Settings->General->Reset-> Reset all content and settings. When you go to set it up choose to set it up from an iCloud back up.
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    Messages can be emailed to yourself using SMS instead of iMessage. The emails should show on the new phone. Then you can copy and paste to messages if you like. Change to SMS in settings>Messages This would be a safely net just in case.

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