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Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by jafundy, May 16, 2014.

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    Want to move pictures off camera roll to albums. I have 26 but when I select pictures it only highlights one album which is not the one I want to move pics to. How do I correct this? Also how many pics will the camera roll hold? Do most of you clear out the camera roll?

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    Go to the Albums list, then click the blue plus sign to the left of the word, type in an album name, then when you tap on Save, it should present all the photos in your camera roll for you to select which ones you want to add.

    create new album.jpg (thumbnail, click to enlarge)

    And of course, you can also add photos to an existing album. Go to the album list, tap on the album you wish to add photos to, tap on "Select", then tap on "Add" at the bottom center of the screen.

    Be aware that you're not actually moving the photo to an album, you're just creating a "link" (so to speak) to the photo in your specified album. Don't worry, you're not duplicating the file and taking up twice the storage. Also, the original photo will still remain visible in the main Camera Roll; this is normal.

    Personally, I do clear out the camera roll once I reach 300 or 400 photos, but only after backing them (syncing) to iPhoto on my main machine and on my laptop. I can explain that process if you want, but it will apply only to OS X. I don't know how one would do it on Windows.
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    You can use iPhone apps like Dropbox or Box to store photos in the cloud. That way they don't take up all your phones storage. I use Box. If you want to create albums without the photos remaining on the camera roll, you can use apps such as MyPhoto.
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