MS Office for Mac fans, good news: Office 2014 for Mac coming this year

Discussion in 'Mac OS X' started by Rafagon, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Microsoft will release a new version of Office for Mac this year, reports Macworld.

    I've been using Microsoft's spreadsheet and word processing programs since before they along with the other programs that comprise the entire suite were called Microsoft Office. In fact, the first version of Excel I ever owned was Excel 2.0 for Windows, circa 1987. Back then, it looked something like this:


    I just recently started ditching Microsoft's offerings for Numbers and Pages, but, if Office 2014 for Mac really wows me, I may just return to MS Office for Mac.

    However, it's safe to say that MS's upcoming suite of apps will be unable to beat Apple's iWork in the price department.
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    Office has always been monstrously expensive. Unfortunately, the free alternatives have a history of suckage. I just hope MSFT doesn't do a complete re-design of the interface. The folks in Redmond seem to follow the credo, "If it ain't broke, fix it until it is." The last re-design of the Windows version was a horror show as far as the interface is concerned.

    We still live in a Windows world so having the cross platform compatibility that Office offers, particularly with formatting, is a necessity. I'm a Mac guy from way back and do all my work on an iMac or MBA. When I send files to other board members on our lake association a little thing like lost formatting can throw some of them into a tailspin. They're not very computer savvy and even a .docx file instead of a .doc file is a nightmare.
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    If I were Microsoft, I'd wonder Apple has plans to iOS 7-ify Mac OS X. Then again, Apple has already updated their iWorks suite amongst others, so they should be safe. Most of my spreadsheet and document needs are covered by Pages and Numbers. I will say that Excel can be a good tool for heavy lifting.

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