Multi-touch demo video (non-iPhone)

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Feb 18, 2007
San Antonio, Tx.
I ran across this video of Jeff Han demonstrating the multi-touch tech he is developing. It gives a good glimpse at what multi-touch is capable of. Since the iPhone uses a multi-touch screen I thought the members here might be interested ;).

Link to the video.
WOW! That is awsome, I think multi-touch is where things are going. This could be the end of the mouse for home computers.

Thanks for that wot! :cool:


New Member
Apr 23, 2007
"Smart Screens" used by educators?

Here is another link to an article that talks about the future of multi-touch. There is a link towards the end to a different Jeff Han demo. Even if you don't read the article check out Han's demo :).
I had a crowd gathered around my MacBook Pro to watch the video and everyone gasped and oohed and awed but my fiance who is an elementary school teacher and confesses excessively about her techno-ignorance. Nevertheless, she had seen something similar and says schools have been using these "smart screens" for years. Does anyone know of similar multi-touch interfaces being used outside of the lab today in education or otherwise?

Either way, I am now so much more eager to get my iPhone now, and I know that the applications will only get richer and make better use of multi-touch technology going forward. Goodbye Treo and good-riddance!


New Member
Jun 25, 2007
I was at office depot and HP has a touch screen monitor running windows but nothing like that also what about the table microsoft released I believe harrah's entertainment is installing them at there casino's.


New Member
Jul 1, 2007
at my college the classrooms for computer programming have smart screens.

Its a dropdown screen with a projector shooting at it from the ceiling. And basically the guy can use his finger as a mouse on the drop down screen and click and move things as he pleases while teaching the class. It was really cool when I saw it.

I don't think it was capable of typing, just as a mouse