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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Plastikfear, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Plastikfear

    Plastikfear New Member

    Ok. So whenever I go to save a picture in an e-mail that I receive on my 3G, it asks where I want to save, and brings up the page where my "Camera Roll" album exists. In fact, the menu title says "Photo Albums"

    But all that is there is the default "Camera Roll".

    I've tried to figure out how to make different albums... so that I can have my own "contact pictures" album, maybe a "iPhone camera photos" album, a "wallpaper I received in emails to myself" album... etc.

    But good god almighty I can't figure out how to make new photo albums.

    I know for a fact you can have other albums. I've seen other people's phones... how do you do it? I can't seem to find any info on this anywhere. Hmmm...

  2. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    You sync your photo albums from your computer from within iTunes. You can select which albums you want to sync and they will show up under your Camera Roll in the Photos application.
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  4. gea

    gea New Member

    create a folder in your hard drive. within that folder create other folders 1 for wallpaper 1 for iPhone camera photos and so on. you can create as many as you want. sync your phone to itune and click on the photo tab, locate the folder you just create it and open it. all your photo album folder will be there.
  5. Plastikfear

    Plastikfear New Member

    Oh, bummer, I was hoping I wouldn't have to use iTunes... oh well. I'll create some folders and do it that way I guess, thanks!
  6. Plastikfear

    Plastikfear New Member

    Hmm that didn't work. I created folders on my PC, then connected my iPhone, then selected "sync from" (or whatever) and hit "browse" in the drop-down menu then selected the folder I wanted and it looked like it was syncing... but then when I disconnected I go into photos on the iPhone and there's just the camera roll still. No toehr albums/folders. And no other pictures than what was on there already. Hmmm... what did I do wrong?

    EDIT: I see. SO there has to actually be pictures IN the folders, you can't just sync empty ones in order to get a new album name on the iPhone. Got it.

    Now.. how do I move pictures between photo albums now that I have different albums set up on my iPhone? I see no options to do that on either the iPhone nor iTunes.... crap.
  7. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    You have to move the photos manually using the computer. Just move the files around on the computer and when you use iTunes the photo locations will automatically be changed.
  8. Plastikfear

    Plastikfear New Member

    oh so that means I need to upload the pictures from my iPhone to my computer first in order to move them around huh? Man what a pain.. I wonder if there's a photo organizer app for the iPhone that can take care of this for me? ;)
  9. shifuimam

    shifuimam New Member

    I believe that CopyPod Photo can accomplish what you want to do. Unfortunately, it's not free, so I can't test it and tell you whether or not it works with the 2.2 firmware.

    This is something that annoys me as well - I like structure and organization with my digital data, and it drives me crazy that I can't easily move all the photos I use for contacts into a separate folder from regular pics I take with the camera.
  10. gea

    gea New Member

    Plastifear-that's easy man. if you have pictures in your hard drive and would like them in your new photo albums, locate that pix folder and DRAG all the ones you want over to the new photo album.

    if it's in the iphone camara roll - hook the iphone to the computer click on the my computer icon on the dest top. you will see your iphone as a device, open it up and DRAG all the ones you want over to the new photo album.

    hope this helps
  11. Adam1389

    Adam1389 Member

    Another option is the Roll Swap application. The free version lets you change between 4 different albums
  12. ashley4293

    ashley4293 New Member

    i have very nosy people in my family that love looking through all my stuff. Its annoying. I really want to make separate folders for my photos so that when i show pictures i don't show any "special" pictures i may have. PLEASE help me!! i have tried and i can't seem to do it on my own
  13. Cueballtwo

    Cueballtwo New Member

    Ashley - CP Pro has the capability of locking photos. It has it's own camera roll (quick roll). I like the anti-shake feature too...$1.99
  14. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    That is why you always copy your "special" photos to your computer and remove them from your phone. 

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