Multiple texting

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New Member
Jul 12, 2007
4twenty is tha buildn! what's up man...chk it man was manueverin around i think he might have found a way to do least with two contacts at the same time...
How? Please for the love all things holy, tell us how!


Apr 17, 2007
tampa, FL
You can use email to do it IF you know all of the carriers to each person. it'll work just like an MMS over e-mail and it will charge you the regular text msg points.

kinda like:

and i think ad- that that is the only way for now you can do it...this what happened...i brought a new page to the to: section i just put in the 1st ltr and a few contacts with that ltr popd up...then i hit the + and it took me to my contacts...i hit one of my contacts and took me back to new message screen and the persons name appeared in the To: section...then i hit one the names that appeared under the To: section and the To: section went blank...i typd the msg and hit send both names appeared in the To: section but only the one got the text...the first person who was in the To: section...interesting...i wish i knew how to do screen shots so i could show that way...maybe i'll do a quick video on my new iBlack MacBook iSight camera lol...but yeah man its interesting...had me goin' there for a minute...


New Member
Jul 1, 2007
hmm i haven't tried it i just assumed that it would work. Are you sure the two numbers you send work independently? If so, then I it's just not possible......:mad: