my 16gb iphone 4 thanks its a 3 8gb and has

Discussion in 'iPhone 4' started by race carr, Nov 19, 2012.

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    title of 6.3gb with 6.1 available now i got this from a girl who found it at the bar on the back of a toilet she tried to locate the owner and no one claimed it not activated with good esn oh its a verizen phone and thinks its a sprint on the back modle # is A1349 inside model # MD146LL SPRINT 13.0 VERSION 6.0(10A403) CAPACITY 6.4
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    MD146LL is the black CDMA iPhone 4 8 GB. It can be sold as either a Verizon or Sprint iPhone. Sounds like it's been sold as a Sprint phone, considering the Sprint carrier settings. Does it still have any of the owner's data on it? if so, you may be able to contact them to return their phone. Look at their phone number (Settings -> Phone -> "My Number: ...") and then call it with your phone, see if anyone picks up.

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